GCA Studios is like TED Talks but with hosts that are SMEs and domain experts. Through GCA Studios members become GCA Hosts. A GCA Host has their own public TV Show/Podcast featuring topics, issues, and themes that are of interest to them. Devoted audiences follow their favorite GCA Hosts just as they would their favorite news/podcast personalities. Members also appear as guest speakers on a GCA Host?s show/podcast! GCA Hosts bring together prominent C-suite executives, influencers and thought leaders to discuss varied game-changing topics impacting business, politics, culture and more. Content is published as videos, podcasts, and articles and is shared virally via media outlets like iTunes, Google Play, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and more.

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Studio Host: Ginny Baro

CEO and Founder at Fearless Women @Work

Join GCA Host, Dr. Ginny A. Baro, as she engages Game Changers and leaders in powerful and courageous conversations that highlight the role that a diverse and engaged leadership team and workforce plays in achieving higher levels of performance and success to compete in the global marketplace.

Studio Host: Rob Ramrath

Former Chief Information Officer of Bose

Over a series of conversations, Rob will explore how Game Change leaders help their people manage and overcome vexing ambiguity towards success.

Studio Host: Jay Taylor

CEO of Eagle Next Advisors and Former Strategic Risk Management Leader of General Motors

Through illuminating conversations with Game Changers, Jay highlights ways they are helping Boards and senior executives think differently about business risk and the role that effective governance and oversight plays in achieving profitability, growth, and other strategic objectives.

Studio Host: Dr. Pamela Drew

Senior Aerospace and Defense Executive

In this GCA Studio channel, Dr. Pam Drew will host a series of interviews which explore various perspectives on cybersecurity oversight in the role of corporate governance. The conversations will include the types of issues a board of directors should be focused on prior to an event, steps and approaches to take during an incident, and ways to ensure the enterprise has a full recovery. Dr. Drew’s guests will include business leaders who are experienced and influential in the domain of cybersecurity as a corporate director, as an industry sector thought leader or as a national leader in the public sector. The series is designed to provide insights of breadth and depth to enhance the working cyber knowledge of senior executives and directors dealing with cybersecurity risk today.

Studio Host: Jocelyn Greenky

CEO and Founder at Sider Road Media

In this channel, hear C-Suite leaders and experts talk specifics of lessons learned and initiatives they wished they executed to achieve success. U.S. based companies alone lose $300B people hours due to office politics and drama. The work world is truly filled with hundreds of cultures, five unique generations, and millions of individualized personal agendas. Government data shows that 63.2% of working-age Americans have a job or are looking for one, the lowest proportion since 1978. With all this being said, finding commonality among employees to avoid losing time at work and for employers to increase revenues is at an all-time high. Being complicit does not cut it anymore.

Studio Host: Lem Lasher

Former Chief Innovation Officer at CSC

Lem Lasher, formerly the Chief Innovation Officer at CSC, interviews Nick Donofrio innovation guru and legendary iconic former IBM executive. Nick Donofrio’s brand and reputation is centered around the Innovation Agenda. Nick is one of America’s most celebrated and beloved technology executives. He retired from IBM in 2008 after a 44-year career. During the last 18 years of his career he led IBM’s technology and innovation strategies.

Studio Host: Harry Broadman

CEO and Managing Partner, Proa Global Partners LLC

This GCA Studio Series will be comprised of four ‘episodes’, each focused on one of the following four critical, emergent factors that will shape the competitive landscape of the world’s marketplace in the coming decade: (i) “The Rise of New Geographies”, which will focus on identifying the political economy and business drivers of new key geographies becoming serious players in international commerce; (ii) “The Up-and-Coming Inventors”, which will assess changes in the global locus of entrepreneurship and innovation; (iii) “Whither The State?” , which will explore the modification of the role of the state in the economy, and (iv) “The Role of Infrastructure”, which will focus on the crucial role of in-country infrastructure development and how it will facilitate or hinder cross-border competition.

Studio Host: Kathy Sorley

Thinker in Residence, Royal Zoological Society of Scotland

Through a series of monthly one-to-one Improbable Paths interviews, and quarterly Sea Change panel discussions, Kathy Sorley will lead the conversation on themes relating to ‘inciting incidents’ imposed externally, or arising internally, inevitably resulting in a game-changing state of affairs. With guests spanning a variety of industries, Kathy will explore the fundamental change points in careers that have spanned decades and made a genuine difference in the arenas in which her guests operate.



the mind4 series: on being a strategic leader deborah lee james

In this episode, on being a strategic leader, Jane-Scott interviews Deborah Lee James, 23rd Secretary of the Air Force. Jane-Scott explores the role of the secretary of the air force (part 1) and the lessons learned from indelible memories and cool experiences (part 3). Jane-Scott and Deborah discuss talent as “the #1 thing” and winning the war for talent (part 2), becoming a strategic leader through zigs and zags (part 4) and finally some words of advice for up and coming leaders (part 5).

the mind4 series: on bringing the future to reality

In this episode, on bringing the future to reality, Jane-Scott interviews fellow GCA Member Phil Fasano, former CIO of Kaiser Permanente and AIG.  Jane-Scott explores the necessity for all C-Suite members and change leaders to have strong understanding and experiences in technology – regardless of their core function (part 1), how technology defines real-time personalized healthcare (part 2), how financial services behemoths adopt and adapt to disruptive technologies (part 3).  She determines the viability of new technologies in a lightning round of Real – Not Real (part 4) and dispels the rumor that entrepreneurship does not exist in corporations (part 5).

the mind4 series: on getting it: people are the advantage

In this episode, on getting it, people are the competitive advantage, Jane-Scott interviews fellow GCA Game Changer Curt Gray, Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Administration, BAE Systems, Inc. Jane-Scott explores Curt's exceptional career from a serendipitous beginning to becoming one of the true strategic chief human resource officers (part 1), how human capital strategies should be the anchor and driver of corporate strategy (part 2), how to implement predictive analytics (spoiler: "pick one critical skill to start" and adopt a mindset of "what will make your business work") (part 3), adopting an integrated leadership approach to M&A strategies based on lessons learned from 28 acquisitions (part 4), and best practices for anticipating and planning for the impact that a new CEO has on an organization, its strategy and its culture (part 5).

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