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GCA members have unique accomplishments making the total GCA network important as a force for global positive change. All members carry a certain reputation with them, and they are some of the most sought after individuals in the world. GCA’s admission process is very selective, ensuring GCA only accepts the best and brightest. Companies and institutions look for GCA Game Changers as Board Directors, Board Advisors, potential employees, consultants and more.

Nick Donofrio | Executive Vice President (Ret.), Innovation and Technology at...

Nick Donofrio is a 44-year IBM veteran who led IBM’s technology and innovation strategies from 1997 until his retirement in October 2008. Nick was also vice chairman of the IBM International Foundation and chairman of the Board of Governors for the IBM Academy of Technology. Nick's most recent responsibilities included IBM Research, Governmental Programs, Technical Support & Quality, Corporate Community Relations, as well as Environmental Health & Product Safety.

Nomi Bergman | President of Bright House Networks

Nomi Bergman currently is a Senior Executive Officer of Advance/Newhouse Companies. She recently served as President of Bright House Networks until its recently completed merger with Charter Communications and Time Warner Cable. Bright House Networks, headquartered in Syracuse, NY, was the sixth-largest owner and operator of cable systems in the United States and the second-largest in Florida. The company had 8,500 employees and served approximately 2.5 million customers.


GCA Member, Game Changer Ken Robinson Joins the Board of Directors of Abercrombie &...

Game Change Agency is proud to announce that Proctor & Gamble Veteran, and most recently a...
Trump's trade policy

“Trump’s trade policy is for 1818, not 2018” by Harry G. Broadman, Special to...

President Donald Trump sees international trade negotiations as if he was living in 1818, when commerce between countries more often than not was conducted bilaterally. He’s proclaimed on several occasions that he can get a far better bargain taking up trade agreements with other heads of state on a one-to-one basis. Indeed, the U.S. Negotiator-in-Chief is ‘Bilateral Man,’ hardly surprising for someone who cut his teeth doing one-off commercial real estate deals within the confines of New York City.
Andras Szakal

Andras Szakal awarded ‘Most Valuable Contributor Award for an Individual’ at The Open Group...

Game Change Agency congratulates GCA Member Andras Szakal on being awarded the 'Most Valuable Contributor Award for an Individual' at The Open Group Awards which took place on April 17, 2018. 
Marie Wieck

GCA Member, Game Changer Marie Wieck Joins the Supervisory Board of Automotive Giant Daimler...

Game Change Agency is proud to announce that Marie Wieck, General Manager for IBM Blockchain, joined the Supervisory Board of Daimler AG, one of the world's most successful automotive companies with divisions including Mercedes-Benz Cars.

GCA Member, Game Changer Colin Parris joins the Board of Aptiv PLC, a...

Game Change Agency is proud to announce that Colin Parris, a corporate officer and worldwide head of software research at GE joined the Board of Directors of Aptiv PLC (formerly known as Delphi Automotive PLC).

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