Rob Ramrath

Former VP & CIO of Bose Corporation


Over a series of conversations, Rob will explore how Game Change leaders help their people manage and overcome vexing ambiguity towards success.

In today’s hyper-competitive world, it’s been correctly said by many that change is the only constant. Every industry has been, is being or will be disrupted in a near tectonic fashion. Rapid innovations in technology and changes in consumer needs, wants and behavior will leave no stone unturned. There are no exceptions. Helping people through change has been the topic of a plethora of studies and books from seminal works such as “Who Moved my Cheese,” by Spencer Johnson, all the way to the advanced works by Clayton Christiansen on disruption. However, with relentless fast-paced change, also comes great levels of ambiguity. Sometimes the need to change from ‘A’ to ‘B’ is clear, with both well defined. More typically though, the catalyst for change is an understanding that the status quo isn’t working and won’t work with minor adjustments; a radical shift must be made for future success in the enterprise. Much work is then conducted to understand where to go.

What is the right new strategy and destination? At best, a newly defined destination is generally correct, but the course to get there will take many twists, turns, and corrections. Progress along the way will be highly ambiguous. For many people, they will experience the feelings of being in a dark room, frozen in place because they can’t be sure a step in any particular direction won’t lead to disaster. The only safe thing to do is stay where you are, even though it’s acknowledged that staying in place also will lead to disaster; it will only take longer.

Rob's Guest Speakers

Jay Leader

Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer | Rocket Software

Prat Moghe

Founder & CEO | Cazena, Big Data as a Service

Episode 2

Managing Change and Ambiguity - Entrepreneurs

GCA Studios?presents GCA Host Rob Ramrath, former Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Bose Corporation. In this second episode of a series of one-to-one interviews, Rob is joined by the Founder and CEO of Cazena, Big Data as a Service, Prat Moghe. Rob and Prat continue the discussion on change and ambiguity; however, this time it is from more of an entrepreneurial view. The two dive deep into how different organizations must adapt to change and how ambiguity presents itself differently.

Episode 1

Managing Change and Ambiguity

GCA Studios presents GCA Host Rob Ramrath, former Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Bose Corporation. In episode 1 of a series of one-to-one interviews, Rob discusses the effects of Change and Ambiguity on a company and the role management plays with Jay Leader, a thought leader, strategic thinker, and results-driven IT executive.

Rob Ramrath. GAME CHANGER.

About GCA Host Rob Ramrath

Global executive leader with a demonstrated history of value creation for customers and shareholders. Extensive transformation experience via information technology across diverse business areas including manufacturing, digital, e-commerce, retail, wholesale, customer service and tier-1 automotive supply. Eighteen years? experience managing global IT operations for a $3.5bn revenue company.

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