Kathy Sorley

Thinker in Residence, Royal Zoological Society of Scotland


Former Thinker in Residence for the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, award-winning screenwriter, and creative marketing and communications consultant, Kathy spends her life thinking outside the box. American-born, living and working the past 35 years in London and Scotland, Kathy brings a truly international business perspective to bear as a GCA Studios Host. The youngest person to serve on the Duke University Board of Trustees, Kathy went on to serve two terms on the Sanford School of Public Policy board, the board of Union Dance in London, and she currently serves on the Director?s Circle for Scottish Ballet and the international advisory board for Hub Dot London.

Having spent more than 20 years in the film industry and hosted a number of programmes in the UK, Kathy is most interested in exploring individual, corporate and public policy stories in her series for GCA entitled ?Outside the Box with Kathy Sorley?. Keen to identify the inciting incidents which propel individuals and organisations to chart a different trajectory to the one they may have been on, Kathy celebrates the courage and faith required to commit to a game-changing path with no guarantee of success.

Her series will include Roundtable discussions with high calibre guests on such state of the art topics as Philanthropic Giving While Living, Why Saving Endangered Species Matters, How Powdered Oxygen Might Save Lives and Successful New Paradigms for the 21st Century.

Videos Coming Soon!

Kathy Sorley. GAME CHANGER.

About GCA Host Kathy Sorley

Kathy is an award-winning screenwriter, mosaic artist, writer and editor. She finds her inspiration and replenishes her spirit in the exquisite wild beauty of the Scottish landscape. Born in Washington D.C., Kathy holds dual citizenship, making her home in Scotland, and prior to that London, for nearly 35 years.

She received an honors undergraduate degree from Duke University and an MBA from Yale. She has served on the main Board of Trustees of Duke, as well as on the board of the Terry Sanford School of Public Policy. She is a former trustee of Union Dance Company in London, and she supports numerous animal welfare and African charities.

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