Dr. Ginny A. Baro

CEO and Founder of Fearless Women @Work


Join GCA Host, Dr. Ginny A. Baro, as she engages Game Changers and leaders in powerful and courageous conversations that highlight the role that a diverse and engaged leadership team and workforce plays in achieving higher levels of performance and success to compete in the global marketplace.

It’s no secret that diversity of thought, the way we solve problems, and an engaged workforce lead to better outcomes, innovation, growth, and revenue companies need. It’s the potpourri of perspectives and resources that will ultimately birth the best solutions for organizations, clients, and shareholders. And yes, your bottom line is dependent on it.

Ginny and her guests shed light on innovative and effective strategies senior executives consider while promoting gender diverse and inclusive leadership teams, work/life integration, and employee engagement and well-being. It is this level of care and engagement that will help us achieve higher levels of performance and success, and in turn, enable our teams, our companies, and our communities to flourish.

As talented professionals advance and reach more senior leadership roles, Ginny firmly believes we need to embrace a new model—a new integrative model disrupts the current trajectory of ‘ultimate burnout’ and the way we operate our businesses and our lives today. We can benefit from learning how to build our lives, our companies, and our new roles relying on the full spectrum of inner-resources and leadership styles.

In this channel, you will hear the stories of talented professionals and thought leaders who are contributing to the solution by helping their organizations understand their challenges and make informed decisions that move the needle on integrative leadership, diversity of thought, and desired results and outcomes. Senior executives and leaders at all levels of management will come away with new perspectives that will help them enhance their influence, impact, and accountability for corporate behavior, performance, and results. Companies that are led by true visionaries will feel and see the changes on the horizon and commit to shifting the status quo and transforming their leaders across all levels of management.

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Tatyana Mamut

GM & Director of Product Management, UX Design, and Mobile/Web Engineering | Amazon Web Services

Lori Hardwick

Founder & President | AI Labs

Sarah Wall

Owner | Body Mind Spirit Business & Life Coaching

Amy Feng

Student | Fordham University

Jane Hanson

Award-Winning Reporter | Media/Presentation Coach | HHH Productions LLC

Kevin Khayat

Founder & Principal | BroadEye Consulting Ltd.

Bob Selle

CHRO | Ocean State Job Lot

Episode 7

Be an Evolved Leader

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Episode 6

Outsmarting Organizational Change

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Episode 5

The Art of Communicating

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Episode 4

Her Dream is to Become a Software Engineer

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Episode 3

How to Manage Stress at Work

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Episode 2

Building a Performance Driven Culture

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Episode 1

"The Human-Centered Approach"

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Dr. Ginny A. Baro’s #1 Bestselling Book

“Fearless Women at Work is therapy in a box sprinkled with a dose of practical, actionable strategies that help women define their own success at work and in life!”
Rita Mitjans, Chief Diversity and Corporate Social Responsibility Officer of a Fortune 250 company
“The five powerful strategies Dr. Ginny Baro shares in this book serve as a navigational tool that brings you deeper into your truth and helps you define success on your own terms.”
Linda Joy, Publisher, Aspire Magazine


About GCA Host Dr. Ginny A. Baro

Dr. Ginny A. Baro is a certified executive coach, speaker, #1 bestselling author and leadership expert. For more than 25 years, Dr. Baro worked in the financial services arena and technology field in the greater New York area before starting her company and her efforts to expand leaders? influence, impact and overall well-being in business and in life. She has more than two decades of leadership experience, mentoring and coaching business teams and now focuses on facilitating transformations in talented professionals, leaders and businesses. Dr. Baro?s academic degrees include a Ph.D. in Information Systems, an MS in Computer Science, an MBA in Management, and a BA in Computer Science and Economics.

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