Jay Taylor

CEO of Eagle Next Advisors & Former Strategic Risk Management Leader of General Motors


Through illuminating conversations with Game Changers, Jay highlights ways they are helping Boards and senior executives think differently about business risk and the role that effective governance and oversight plays in achieving profitability, growth, and other strategic objectives.

Organizations create a strategy, invest in technology, and engage in other activities to successfully grow their businesses. At the same time markets, regulations, and customer preferences around the world are changing rapidly.

During periods of change, CEOs and their Boards of Directors need to know what is going on around them and what may occur. Strategies and technologies employed to achieve business growth involve assumptions and alternative paths that may or may not lead to the desired outcomes. Understanding the risks embedded in these assumptions involves active engagement and oversight of management – but in ways that improve decision making and enable greater performance.

In this channel, you will meet leaders who are helping organizations understand their challenges and make informed decisions that lead to improved business outcomes. Boards and CEOs will come away with new perspectives that will help them enhance accountability for corporate behavior, performance, and results.

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Hira Advani

Director, Software Chief Security Compliance Officer | IBM

Scott LaVictor

CEO | ArborInsight

Norman Marks

Former Vice President | SAP

Sajay Rai

President and Chief Executive Officer | Securely Yours, LLC

Jim DeLoach

Managing Director | Protiviti

Episode 5

Integrating Performance, Risk & Incentives

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Episode 4


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Episode 3

Getting Risk Management "Right"

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Episode 2

Is Your Board Engaged?

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Episode 1

The Canary in the Corporate Board Room

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About GCA Host Jay Taylor

Industry-recognized risk management, finance, automotive manufacturing and technology executive with 30+ years of international leadership experience. He is a published author and speaker on internal audit, risk management, governance, and technology. His mission is to enable small and medium-size private, family-owned, and public company businesses to achieve growth and success through risk-enabled decisions and better board governance.

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