Jocelyn Greenky

Office Culture, Politics & Diversity Expert / Coach

CEO and Founder of Sider Road Media



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U.S. based companies alone lose $300B people hours due to office politics and drama. The work world is filled with hundreds of cultures, five unique generations, and millions of personal agendas and political drama. Government data shows that 63.2% of working-age Americans have a job or are looking for one, the lowest proportion since 1978. With all this being said, finding commonality among employees lessens turnover, improves productivity and positively affects the bottom line…. Increasing revenues.

Work cultures either enhance the experience or kill the will of the employee. There are many factors which contribute to swinging the pendulum either way. Through her channel, Jocelyn contributes her insights as an office culture expert with her guests' subject matter expertise to shed light on these crucial factors which shape a corporate structure where employees and executive management so they find commonality to increase personal and team member contribution.

Jocelyn's channel covers:

Harness The Power of Piversity: Crash Courses in Cultural / Diversity Awareness

Tell Me About Yourself: Who You are, What You Do, What you Want to Accomplish Depends on Who You Are Speaking To

How to Manage Your Reputation: Tips To Soar and How to Fix If Your Reputation Has Tanked

Mindfulness of Culture, Gender and Generational Differences: We Are All More Alike Than You Think

Office Politics and The Essentials of Assimilation: Do’s & Don’ts and Grey Areas That May Seem Obvious, But Isn’t To Everyone

Core Vocabulary: Teach and Translate Business Lingo

Jocelyn's Guest Speakers

Jane Hanson

Award-Winning Reporter | Media/Presentation Coach | HHH Productions LLC

Episode 1

How to Succeed On-Screen

In this first episode of a series of one-to-one interviews, Jocelyn Greenky engages Game?Changers and leaders in an insightful conversation with Jane Hanson, an Emmy award-winning?television journalist and current media presentation trainer. These two women?highlight?key terms and vocabulary that anyone interested in a career either in front or behind a camera should know.

Jocelyn Greenky. GAME CHANGER.

About Studio Host Jocelyn Greenky

Jocelyn Greenky is an office culture, politics and diversity expert. She honed her craft from her days as a senior executive at some of the world's biggest names in media and consumer goods such as Hachette Filipacchi, Philip Morris and Werner Media. She also co-founded and lead companies to success as CEO or COO including Britebean Technology, the international design and event firm, Colin Cowie Enterprises and Sider Road Media. Throughout her career, Jocelyn has provided mentorship to help tomorrow's aspiring leaders achieve their full potential. She is currently a mentor with Women in Communications, Women's Entrepreneur Network, Women in Technology and Everwise. She has a B.S. from Syracuse University, M.B.A. from Mercy College where she is a Adjunct Professor. She is the co-author of The Big Sister?s Guide to The World of Work: The Inside Rules Every Working Girl Must Know (Simon & Schuster).

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