GCA Careers

GCA Careers is a pivotal part of the Game Change Agency (GCA) that facilitates the connection between individuals and organizations with high-level talent acquisition needs and executives seeking significant career advancement opportunities.



A wide array of

Full-Time and Interim Employment

Matching senior talent with organizations in need of experienced professionals for permanent or temporary roles.


Linking organizations with expert advisors for targeted projects or ongoing consultancy needs.


Connecting talented writers and authors with opportunities for publishing, content creation, and collaboration.

Board Directorships and Advisory Appointments

Connecting experienced executives with opportunities to serve on boards, offering strategic guidance and governance.

Guest Speakers

Providing a platform for finding distinguished speakers for events, conferences, and workshops.

Mentorship Programs

Facilitating connections between seasoned professionals willing to mentor and individuals seeking guidance.

Three primary services:

1. Seeking Opportunities

Allows GCA members to share their professional background and the specific career advancement opportunities they are pursuing, facilitating targeted matches.

2. Posted Hiring Needs

Members can post hiring needs within their companies or their networks, attracting senior-level talent for Full-Time Employment (FTE), board positions, advisory roles, and other specialized functions.

3. Recruiters

Offers a gateway for GCA members who are recruiters and hiring managers to access a curated pool of potential candidates, streamlining the talent acquisition process.

This structure creates a symbiotic ecosystem where members can both find and offer career opportunities, leveraging the collective power and expertise of the GCA network.

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