Tatyana Mamut is a transformative leader with a passion for ideas and the drive to win. She has a proven 15+ year track record of envisioning, building and commercializing innovative and successful products. She’s a dynamic leader who attracts A+ talent, builds strong cultures and drives organizations to stretch outcomes. Dr. Mamut is a visionary innovator who connects the dots between customer needs and business/technical capabilities.

Currently, Dr. Mamut is the General Manager and Director of Product Management, UX Design and Mobile/Web Engineering at Amazon Web Services. She joined as the first General Manager for a broad, new-to-the-world enterprise software initiative under the new Vice President. She has scaled the team from 2 to 100+ individuals in order to develop and deliver the right product.

Previously, Dr. Mamut was the Vice President of Product Experience & Design, Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud at Salesforce. Here, she hired and led a team of front-end product managers, designers and UX engineers. Prior, she was the Senior Director of Product Design at Salesforce where she led the “Lightning Experience” re-design of the world’s leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software with a cross-functional team of product managers, designers and engineers. In addition to leading the redesign effort, she helped shape the packaging, pricing and marketing to ensure the successful launch of the “Lightning Experience” at the Dreamforce 2015 Keynote.

Earlier in her career, Dr. Mamut was a Senior Director and Practice Lead, Organizational Design Practice at IDEO, the world’s premier global design thinking consultancy. At IDEO, she helped CEOs, CFOs and CMOs build cultures of innovation, including Visa, Life Technologies, LPL Financial, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Prior to her time at IDEO, she founded Emergent Thinking, a consultancy that helps companies win the future. Her clients included Sony, Leo Burnett and Young & Rubicam. Prior to that role, she was the Head of Brand Planning and Creative Business Strategist for Leo Burnett, a leading global advertising agency.

In addition, Dr. Mamut holds multiple patents for design & technology innovations. She is a published author as well as an active speaker and presenter. Dr. Mamut earned her B.A. in economics from Amherst College, and she went on to earn her Ph.D. in Economic/Cultural Anthropology from the University of California – Berkeley.

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