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Author of Fearless Women at Work Says Women Need to Bring Feminine Energy to Work

Branchville, N.J.—In her new book, Fearless Women at Work, certified executive coach Ginny Baro, Ph.D., devotes an entire chapter to the importance of female executives harnessing their feminine energy along with their masculine energy. In the chapter “Taking Off the Man Suit,” she writes that applying the new integrative leadership model reflecting the best traits found in male and female energy could prevent burnout, boost employee engagement and lead to greater collaboration and increased happiness.

She writes that when female executives operate in masculine energy, “we show up protected, controlling, aggressive, driving, commanding, pushing, unbending, forceful and demanding. This is the energy we rely on to complete tasks, finish projects, ‘get it done,’ and get from point A to Point B in the most effective way. On the other hand, when we show up in our core feminine energy, we show up vulnerable, decisive but flexible, open, collaborative, humble, playful, compassionate, receptive, nurturing, unpretentious and focused as much on the experience and the journey as we are on the destination.”

Embracing female and masculine energy is just one suggestion in Baro’s book, which provides professionals with practical strategies for building their dream lives and careers. All of the strategies in the book are based on her innovative C.A.R.E.S system. C.A.R.E.S. stands for Connect, Align, Rise, Envision and Seek. She advises women on ways to connect with what they value most; align what they are doing with what they wish they were doing; to rise above their limiting beliefs standing in their way; envision what they will have to do to get the life they want; and seek the support they need to propel themselves forward.

Praise for Fearless Women at Work

Fearless Women at Work is therapy in a box sprinkled with a dose of practical, actionable strategies that help women define their own success at work and in life!”— Rita Mitjans, chief diversity and corporate social responsibility officer of a Fortune 250 company

“The five powerful strategies Dr. Ginny Baro shares in this book serve as a navigational tool that brings you deeper into your truth and helps you define success on your own terms.” — Linda Joy, publisher, Aspire Magazine

About Dr. Ginny A. Baro

Dr. Ginny A. Baro is the CEO and founder of Fearless Women @Work™, an executive coaching and career strategy company that offers proven techniques and tactics to help talented professionals to develop as leaders in business and in life. Prior to starting her own business, Baro, who holds a Ph.D. in information systems, an MS in computer science, an MBA in management and a BA in Computer Science and Economics, was a director at Lord, Abbett & Co., LLC. She also worked for Alliance Bernstein and Prudential. She emigrated to the U.S. at age 14 from the Dominican Republic and speaks fluent Spanish. Fearless Women at Work (Bavaro Press) is her first book.

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