Joao Perez | SVP Global Sales and Marketing at NCR Corporation

Joao Perez is a high performance, lead-from-the-front software sales executive with extensive international experience. He has proven results over sixteen years in solution selling with the ability to structure and manage large and complex sales teams with a focus on client value creation and partner and influencer ecosystems.

Beth Smith | GM of Technology for IBM Watson

Beth Smith is GM of Technology for IBM Watson. In this role, Beth leads the R&D team for IBM's cognitive system, IBM Watson. Watson Understands, Reasons, and Learns. Watson understands context and meaning at astonishing speeds and volumes across structured and unstructured data; Watson forms hypotheses, makes considered arguments, and prioritizes recommendations to help humans make better decisions; Watson ingests and accumulates data and insights from every interaction, continuously; Watson is trained, not programmed, by experts; Watson never stops learning.

Stephanie Sonnabend | Board Director, Former CEO, Social Entrepreneur, Speaker, Executive...

Stephanie Sonnabend is a change agent and social entrepreneur who is passionate about making the world a better place. She has demonstrated her visionary ideas and leadership skills in numerous ways.

Alvaro Celis | Vice President – World Wide Device Sales at...

Alvaro Celis is the Vice President of Worldwide Field Sales for Microsoft Corp’s OEM Division. Alvaro and his team are responsible for leading and enabling the global sales force for the Division, driving sales of Windows Devices (PCs, tablets, phones and Servers) built by Microsoft’s global and local device partners, and the Microsoft Products and Services that are pre-installed and attached through the OEM Channel.

Al Zollar | Executive Partner at SIRIS Capital Group, LLC

Mr. Alfred W. Zollar, also known as Al, founded AWZ Tech, LLC and has been its Managing Partner since January 2011. Mr. Zollar has been an Executive Partner at Siris Capital Group, LLC since February 2014.

Jeanette Horan | Experienced Board Member and Strategic Advisor

Jeanette Horan currently serves on the boards of Cybereason, Wolters Kluwer NV and West Corporation while also formerly serving on the board of Microvision. Microvision is an innovative display and imaging solutions company. She is currently the Chair of the Compensation Committee and served for seven years on the Audit Committee. Wolters Kluwer is a global company that provides information, software, and services to legal, business, tax, accounting, finance, audit, risk, compliance, and healthcare professionals. Ms. Horan serves on the Remuneration and Selection Committee. West Corporation develops technology-enabled communications that change the way we work and improve the way we live.

Rich Sawchak | Chief Financial Officer at Novetta Solutions

Richard Sawchak is currently serving as the Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”) for Novetta and its subsidiaries. Mr. Sawchak brings over ten years of relevant industry experience and nearly 20 years of finance and corporate development expertise to the role having served previously as Executive Vice President and CFO to Shafer Corporation, and as Senior Vice President and CFO of Paradigm Solutions.

Jamie Thomas | General Manager for Strategy & Development at IBM

Jamie Thomas is the General Manager for Strategy & Development, IBM Systems. Ms. Thomas is responsible for Strategy, Development and Client Experience for IBM’s POWER, Mainframe and Storage Offerings. In this role, she is responsible for setting and executing the innovation plans required to support clients worldwide. In addition, Ms. Thomas owns IBM’s WW Supply Chain Operations supporting all manufacturing.

Lonne Jaffe | Board Director, Advisor, and Former Software Company CEO

Lonne Jaffe is an Advisory Director at Foros, where he is assisting clients in the software sector or planning to expand into the sector identify optimal counterparties (buyers or sellers) with whom to transact and with evaluating and executing those transactions. He is also Senior Advisor to the Board of Directors at Syncsort, a global software company with enterprise-scale Big Data products used by 87 of the Fortune 100 enterprises in more than 85 countries.

John Hinshaw | Board Director and Angel Investor | Former Executive...

John Hinshaw is currently serving on the boards of DocuSign, The Bank of New York Mellon, and the National Academy Foundation. Previously, John was the Chief Customer Officer for Hewlett-Packard Enterprise. In this role, he led the strategic accounts and strategic alliance organizations and was responsible for generating growth with key customers and alliance partners.




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