Alvaro Celis is an industry leader passionate about taking businesses to the next level by defining and aligning strategy, people, processes and capabilities in unique and highly differentiated ways.

He has more than 25 years of experience at Microsoft. Currently, Mr. Celis is the Vice President of Worldwide Device Sales for Microsoft Corp. Prior, he was VP of Worldwide Field Sales for Microsoft’s OEM Division and led the global sales force for the Division and drove sales of Windows Devices. Previous to this position, he was the Vice President for Microsoft Asia-Pacific, the third largest business for Microsoft in the world. He has also led the operations of Microsoft’s Multi-Country Americas Region.

Mr. Celis has been a key leader in transforming Microsoft and their partner business around Cloud Computing, Mobility, Big Data, Social and Security & Privacy, Retail Trends, OEM and Online channels. He is a well-known speaker on several industry topics. Also, he has a vast experience meeting with heads of state, high-ranking government officials, and private sector business leaders.

Mr. Celis has held many significant roles in the company including General Manager of the Venezuelan subsidiary, as well as Guatemala and El Salvador, and have also been an active member of global leadership teams.

He serves as outside senior counsel to partners, on topics of business strategy, development and innovation, especially on Cloud Computing, IoT, Machine Learning and other disruptive trends.

His true passion is technology and how it makes the world a better place. He is a constant business innovator and a legacy builder.

To Mr. Celis, success comes from learning, growing, a desire for winning, and the awareness of the true impact you can have on customers and partners earning their trust and their preference every day. It also starts and ends with people, that is by building solid teams, partners, and especially people you surround yourself with.

“I truly believe you can change the world; therefore, I only see exciting challenges ahead… I am convinced the best is yet to come.” – Alvaro Celis

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