Beth Smith is GM of Technology for IBM Watson. In this role, Beth leads the R&D team for IBM’s cognitive system, IBM Watson. Watson Understands, Reasons, and Learns. Watson understands context and meaning at astonishing speeds and volumes across structured and unstructured data; Watson forms hypotheses, makes considered arguments, and prioritizes recommendations to help humans make better decisions; Watson ingests and accumulates data and insights from every interaction, continuously; Watson is trained, not programmed, by experts; Watson never stops learning.

Beth is a member of several global leadership teams that drive IBM’s business: the Technology Team, which focuses on long-term technology strategy and opportunities; and the Growth and Transformation Team, which provides guidance across IBM on strategic business issues. Previous memberships included the Strategy Team, which focuses on long-term strategic issues and opportunities.

Beth has held numerous executive positions with IBM. Prior to her current position she was GM of IBM’s Analytics Platform Division; General Manager of IBM’s Information Management Division; Vice President of Business Analytics Products and Solutions; Vice President of WebSphere; and Vice President of Business Development for WebSphere where she led the division’s worldwide mergers, acquisitions and business partner initiatives and programs.

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