Susan Puglia | Vice President (Ret.), Global Technical Development Programs at IBM

Susan is a retired IBM Vice President with 35 years of IT solutions experience, holding executive management positions in systems and software development, portfolio management, business transformation, and client IT architecture and support. As such, she successfully managed large, global organizations, numbering in the thousands, while managing expense budgets of up to $300M and delivering bottom line results.

Paul Loftus | Experienced C-level Global Technology and Operations Executive

Paul Loftus is an outstanding business leader with an excellent track record of success. As a member of the IBM senior leadership team, Paul had significant and varied direct P&L General Management experience across the breadth of IBM’s businesses. He is known as both a team builder and a team player with a strong work ethic. Paul is also known as a person who delivers on commitments, with high quality, strong customer satisfaction, and a high level of team satisfaction. He was a member of the Chairman’s Technology Team, responsible for reviewing and setting IBM’s future technology agenda.

Philippe Houssiau | Vice President, General Manager of Healthcare at CSC

Philippe Houssiau is a Senior Healthcare and Life Sciences Executive focused on Growth Strategy, Leadership, and Execution leading to significant strategic, financial and operational outcomes.

He has a passion for executable innovation, positively impacting the lives of people, and challenging market and organizational environments.

Jay Taylor | President & CEO at EagleNext Advisors and Former General Director for Strategic Risk Management at GMC

Jay R. Taylor is an industry-recognized enterprise risk management, finance, internal audit, and technology executive with over 30 years of international leadership experience who is seeking to join the board of directors for a growing public or private company. His goal is to bring better board governance using his skills and knowledge with the automotive, technology, financial services, and healthcare areas.

Danny Sabbah | Former Cloud CTO at IBM

Danny Sabbah has over 40 years’ experience as a software professional with experience in software research and software development. He is experienced in managing organizations ranging from 5 to 25,000 to deliver products or set research directions for multi-billion dollar businesses.

Jim Tallman | CEO and Board Member at Innovative Interfaces

Jim Tallman is a seasoned C-level executive and board of directors’ member who specializes in working with investors to professionalize and grow technology, software and services companies with the ultimate goal of facilitating a successful exit event (IPO, market recap, acquisition).

Adam Warden | Global Transformation Executive

Adam Warden is a Global transformation executive with over 25 years of experience creating brand and shareholder value through advisory and operational roles across multiple sectors. He is skilled at working with Boards, management, and financial stakeholders to drive strategy and execution in large, complex enterprises, and has a proven ability to identify opportunities, influence and reach alignment with disparate constituents, build high caliber teams, and execute.

Neeraj Gokhale | Current Advisor and Former VP, Global Marketing and Product Management at HPE

Neeraj Gokhale has over 20 years of experience as a technology executive and an entrepreneur, in building and transforming a range of enterprise software and systems businesses – from Software infrastructure to enterprise applications and Cloud based services, to storage systems.

He is a general manager with a balance of strategic analysis and broad operational expertise in product and go-to-market areas. He has extensive M&A, post-merger integration and business rationalization experience.

Florence Hudson | SVP and Chief Innovation Officer at Internet2

Florence Hudson is Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer at Internet2. In this role, she is an innovation catalyst and leader for the research and education community. She develops and leads innovation initiatives focused on the identification and collaborative…

Giovanni Lanfranchi | Vice President Global Technology Services at IBM

Giovanni Lanfranchi is a prolific inventor with deep technical expertise driving some of IBM’s mission critical innovation strategies. Giovanni has proven general management leadership skills leading complex and sophisticated R&D organizations on a global basis. He has led M&A due diligence and analysis efforts, as well as being recognized as an “IBM Master Inventor” for his cross-patent activities and support of emerging labs in the area of innovation.

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