Scott Omelianuk | Multi-Media Executive


Scott Omelianuk is trained as a journalist, motivated by business and excited by technology. His passion is a disruptive, do-it-first approach that generates revenue by connecting consumers with content and services. He’s built opportunity for marquee brands across verticals and platforms, including desktop and mobile web, television, print and digital magazines and books, social media and other brand extensions.

Mr. Omelianuk is an explorer and early adopter of (in rough order) blog networks, mobile publishing, contextual e-commerce, events businesses, branded video games, page activation and augmented reality, geo-fencing, brand licensing, social photo publishing and disintermediating technologies such as e-learning, and open-web platforms.

Mr. Omelianuk loves to excite leadership and motivate staff around newly discovered opportunities, such as a recent YouTube aggregation strategy for corporate parent, Time Inc., a mobile-first hyper-social digital portal to reach millennial women called, and a foray into the Latino market with a soon-to-premiere TV show, SOS: Salve Mi Casa, on Telemundo, along with a companion website.

Mr. Omelianuk is also a frequent conference speaker, an identifier of business-changing partnerships, and bloodhound for acquisition opportunities, with a record of innovation and legacy-media reinvention well known.


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