Hira Advani is a talented business and technology executive who has led cross-business global teams to deliver successful outcomes for strategic software initiatives during his extensive career at IBM. He has transformed culture through a value-based approach to influence adoption of essential policies and security practices across large cross-functional teams using cognitive approaches to implement in the product portfolio. He continues to provide guidance and subject matter expertise on these topics to clients.

Mr. Advani was Director and Chief Security Compliance Officer responsible for software portfolio at IBM Corporation. His most recent focus was on security for the enterprise influenced development and product security operations teams globally. Security incident responses for clients were managed to minimize business impacts by transforming teams to be agile and outcomes driven. As a result, IBM was a key contributor to industry-wide led framework on product incident response (PSIRT) through the FIRST.org in June 2017.

He has participated in cyber crisis simulations at Cyber Resolve May 2017 for senior execs and board members to identify real-time responses possible during crises. Initiated by Booz Allen Hamilton and Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth University, the simulations help evaluate executive perspectives of the effectiveness of cyber-related policies, controls, governance in such crisis situations.

Previously at IBM, Mr. Advani was Director Software Group: Secure Asset Protections and Security Regulations. At this role, he established cross-brand strategic planning for products portfolio integration across IBM. He also created a security regulations approach for IBM portfolio to leverage certifications e.g. the US standards and emerging markets. He established a one-of-a-kind secure facility in China to enable certification of selected IBM products working with China agencies, Prior to this role, Mr. Advani was a Program Director and Manager Software Group Development and Strategy.

Mr. Advani leveraged his leadership skills to deliver value with innovative approaches for e-business, security, emerging technologies and many other initiatives that required cross-business units and industry partners buy-in. In some cases, cognitive tools were deployed to effectively contain portfolio business risks.

Mr. Advani earned his MS degree in Computer Science at Georgia Tech and his Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering at IIT in India. He holds 9 patents and several disclosures in his name.

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