Elevating Cybersecurity on the Boardroom Agenda – Is Your Board Engaged?

Is your company safe from crippling cyber attacks? What boards need to know and do.


Jay R. Taylor, Former Strategic Risk Management Leader of General Motors, Interviews Subject Matter Expert Hira Advani on Aligning Your Cyber Risk Program to Your Business Profile: The Board’s Duty to Challenge Management

GCA Studios Presents GCA Host Jay R. Taylor, CEO of EagleNext Advisors who previously created Strategic Risk Management for General Motors Company’s CEO and Board. In the second of a series of one-to-one interviews, Jay highlights ways in which Game Changers are helping Boards and senior executives think differently about business risk and the role that effective governance and oversight plays in achieving profitability, growth and other strategic objectives. In Episode 2, Jay interviews Hira Advani on the ways in which the Board can challenge management in a constructive way to have them create a program that is more tightly aligned with its business risk profile. This is critical to Board and Company effectiveness.

About Jay R. Taylor: Industry-recognized risk management, finance, automotive manufacturing and technology executive with 30+ years of international leadership experience. He is a published author and speaker on internal audit, risk management, governance, and technology. His mission is to enable small and medium-size private, family-owned, and public company businesses to achieve growth and success through risk-enabled decisions and better board governance.

About Hira Advani: Highly talented business and technology executive who has led cross-business global teams to deliver successful outcomes for strategic software initiatives during his extensive career at IBM. He has transformed culture through taking a value-based approach to gain adoption of essential policies and practices. Recently retired Director and Chief Security Compliance Officer responsible for the software portfolio at IBM Corporation, his focus was on security practices for the enterprise and board interactions on cybersecurity that influenced outcomes for development and product security operations teams globally. Hira earned his MS degree in Computer Science at Georgia Tech and his Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering at IIT in India. He holds 6 patents and several disclosures in his name.

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