GCA Studios presents GCA Host Jay R. Taylor, who is CEO of EagleNext Advisors, a company focused on helping board directors and senior leaders deal with uncertainty and risk. In this series of one-to-one interviews, Jay highlights ways in which Game Changers are helping Boards and senior executives think differently about business risk and the role that effective governance and oversight plays in achieving profitability, growth, and other strategic objectives.

In episode 3, Jay interviews Norman Marks, former Vice President at SAP and current evangelist for “better run business”, on the linkage of strategy, risk management, performance, and business success while discussing how senior-level decision-making can be enhanced to increase management’s ability to achieve and exceed goals and objectives.

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About Jay R. Taylor: Industry-recognized risk management, finance, automotive manufacturing and technology executive with 35+ years of international leadership experience. Taylor created Strategic Risk Management for General Motors Company’s CEO and Board in 2014 and is a published author and speaker on internal audit, risk management, governance, and technology. His mission is to enable small and medium-size private, family-owned, and public company businesses to achieve growth and success through risk-enabled decisions and better board governance. Taylor earned his MBA with honors at the University of Michigan and is a National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) Board Governance Fellow.

About Norman Marks: An evangelist for “better run business”, Marks is focused on corporate governance, risk management, internal audit, enterprise performance, and the value of information. He is a mentor to individuals and organizations around the world and an award-winning author of several books including World-Class Risk Management, Auditing What Matters, Management’s Guide to Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404, and World-Class Internal Audit: Tales from My Journey. Norman is a prolific blogger and on various topics including governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), internal audit, and enterprise risk management. He served for 20 years as chief audit executive at several major, global corporations and in other roles as chief risk officer, compliance officer, ethics officer, and in IT governance. Marks graduated with honors from the London School of Economics with a Bachelor of Science in Economics, Accounting, and Finance.

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