Jay R. Taylor Former Strategic Risk Management Leader of General Motors Interviews Scott LaVictor on Intelligent Digital Elicitation: Combining Artificial Intelligence and Subject Matter Expertise to Improve Decision-Making Processes in Business

GCA Studios presents GCA Host Jay R. Taylor, former General Director for Strategic Risk Management at General Motors Company. In the first of a series of one-to-one interviews in this channel, Jay highlights ways in which Game Changers are helping Boards and senior executives think differently about business risk and the role that effective governance and oversight plays in achieving profitability, growth, and other strategic objectives. Jay interviews Scott LaVictor, Arbor Insight, on the use of Artificial Intelligence combined with deep subject matter expertise to uncover areas of strategic and compliance risk every board member should care about. Board Members, CEOs, and other senior leaders will come away with new perspectives that will help them enhance accountability for corporate behavior, performance, and results.

About Jay R. Taylor: Industry-recognized risk management, finance, automotive manufacturing, and technology executive with 30+ years of international leadership experience. He is a published author and speaker on internal audit, risk management, and technology. His mission is to enable small and medium-sized private, family-owned, and public company businesses to achieve growth and success through risk-enabled decisions and better board governance.

About Scott LaVictor: Former award-winning intelligence officer and public company corporate investigations leader who co-founded a company that develops software solutions utilizing the potent combination of Artificial Intelligence and Subject Matter Expertise to uncover better information from human-computer interactions. This platform is a game changer for Chief Compliance Officers, Boards and senior leaders who need to know what is really going on in the organization regardless of location, size or complexity.

To Watch Clips of Each Topic Click Below:

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