Spotlights are biographical in nature and shine the light on the remarkable careers and accomplishments of GCA members

Rich Lindahl | Former Chief Financial Officer at CEB Inc.

Rich Lindahl is a highly accomplished business leader with an outstanding record of achievement as a financial officer of publicly-traded companies.

Harry Broadman | CEO and Managing Partner at Proa Global Partners...

Harry Broadman’s thirty-five-year career has centered on identifying and structuring complex cross-border investment and trade transactions in emerging markets that incorporate innovative approaches to exploit first mover advantages and mitigate commercial and governance risks.

Susy Korb | Former Chief Marketing Officer at TOMS, Anthropologie, and...

Susy Korb is a brand marketer who infuses business strategy with vision, creativity and innovation. Known as an energetic and enthusiastic leader, she establishes compelling narratives that create lasting emotional bonds. She is results oriented, agile and adept in a wide variety of working environments. Most recently, she was the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at TOMS, an apparel and fashion company. Here, she established a marketing strategy based on shared humanity, empathy and joy to unlock future growth.

Alan Starling | Global Data Centre Service Manager at Standard Chartered...

Alan Starling is an innovative and goal-driven executive leader who builds teams and develops people to transform IT infrastructure and build operations that are grounded in effective process and skilled leadership. He possesses deep practical experience with IT security and risk management, technology strategy and transformation, high availability IT operations, organization development, and leadership development. He balances operational discipline and flexibility to respond to enterprise-wide business dynamics to deliver predictable, effective and efficient technology solutions. He is recognized as a turn-around strategist who can quickly diagnose problems and lead teams to immediate improvement.

Tadd Wilson | Vice President of Business Development at ShopRunner

Tadd Wilson is building a vertical brand and business for Arise Virtual Solutions as Vice President of Retail and e-Commerce. Arise’s platform blends crowdsourcing, brand affinity, and virtual technology to enhance customer experience across voice, email, live chat, text, and social media.

Michael Thatcher | President and Chief Executive Officer at Charity Navigator

Michael Thatcher is a Technical Development Strategist who excels in using Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to facilitate social and economic change, as well as assisting public policymakers that support development through ICT. He has a strong technical background with architecture, design and implementation experience, leading teams with multiple cultures and effectively communicating and explaining complex concepts and ideas to audiences.

David Johnson | Current Advisor and Former Senior Managing Director at...

David Johnson is a Senior Managing Director in the Private Equity Group at Blackstone. He joined the firm in 2013 and is based in New York. Before joining Blackstone, Mr. Johnson was Senior Vice President of Strategy at Dell Corporation, where he was responsible for corporate strategy, corporate development, and acquisition integration.

Carl Wilson | Principal at CW & Associates | Former EVP...

Carl Wilson is a turnaround CIO and business leader with a career that spans more than four decades and multiple industry segments. Carl launched his career as a computer operator and is now recognized as a world-class CIO who led the technology function for national and global companies. Currently, Carl develops emerging talent as a CIO coach and mentor at CW & Associates in addition to actively serving on several corporate and advisory boards. His goal is to bring his expertise in executive and technology leadership to individuals and businesses alike—helping others to realize success.

Tatyana Mamut, Ph.D. | General Manager and Director at Amazon Web...

Tatyana Mamut is a transformative leader with a passion for ideas and the drive to win. She has a proven 15+ year track record of envisioning, building and commercializing innovative and successful products. She's a dynamic leader who attracts A+ talent, builds strong cultures and drives organizations to stretch outcomes. Dr. Mamut is a visionary innovator who connects the dots between customer needs and business/technical capabilities.

Jane Hanson | Emmy Award-Winning Television Journalist and Media Presentation Trainer

Jane Hanson is an Emmy award-winning television journalist and media/presentation/video coach who has spent over 30 years helping people learn to communicate better. Not only does it enhance their presence, and ensure they resonate with every type of audience, but in today's fast-paced world, it is imperative to be on one's game 24/7. Ms. Hanson focuses on 3 core elements: what you say, how you say it, and how your body language keeps in all in sync.




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