Marisa Santoro is an American career leadership trainer and confidence skills expert empowering professionals to move into higher levels of leadership roles across the corporate, healthcare, real estate, education, training, writing, music and coaching industries. She is a recognized keynote speaker serving Diversity and Cultural Inclusion Initiatives and Employee Resource Groups.

A former IT Executive on Wall Street, Marisa has a 21+ year corporate career grown from the ground up. She started as a developer serving trading technologies before becoming an IT leader and then pivoting her career to a Leadership expert. She is a recent honoree of the “Women of Influence” award by the New York Business Journals given her years of heart-centered mentoring and leadership programs for women in the workplace.

Marisa is the creator of The Gutsy Leadership System TM and founder of In Our Shoes TM, a professional development training platform consisting of self-paced online courses and live training delivered through the Gutsy Leadership Academy TM, a leadership school which promotes a global community to share career struggles in a trusted safe environment. She is also a Success Principles TM human potential trainer of Jack Canfield’s, teaching a life transformational step-by-step blueprint on how professionals can achieve success and achievement across all areas of their lives.

Additionally, Marisa is a national career columnist for American Business Journals with articles published in 43 cities across the US. She has been a cited expert for women’s leadership in the Huffington Post, a motivational speaker and sought-after speaker in the IT circuit and universities.

Previously, Marisa has served as a founding member of the Leadership Advisory Council for Forbes’ top-ranked Swedish software firm Qlikview, sat on the board of directors for the Manhattan chapter of the National Association for Female Executives, and has obtained the sponsorship of New York University’s and Rutgers University’s Women’s Initiative programs where she led events for their female alumni and corporate sponsors such as the Italian based and several technology consulting practices. She has worked with organizations to help them kick off their own internal women’s leadership movement. A select few of these organizations are New York Life Insurance, the global law firm Salans LLP, and Consulting magazine’s top-ranked firm to work for in the US, Slalom Consulting. In addition to these, she has helped many more make strides to elevate women towards more leadership.

Marisa is a graduate of Pace University where she earned her B.A. in Computer Science. She later went on to earn her Master of Science in Information Systems from the Courant & Stern School of Study at New York University.

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