Viviane Vicente Bencie

Viviane Vicente Bencie

Viviane Vicente Bencie is passionate about creating an environment of respect, logic and beauty. She looks to instill in others a behavior that makes business interactions more meaningful and pleasant. Her belief is that such behavior should occur naturally, without transpiring a feeling of “following rules” with no real purpose. Acting in that way mitigates the pressure and stress of professional dealings.

Following a successful career in the legal, public and private security fields, Viviane Vicente Bencie founded Rispetto Consulting, an advisory firm designed to help individuals and organizations navigate the globalized world and enhance their leadership potential. Her expertise was acquired over the span of more than 15 years in the international arena. She combines that with a certification from the Protocol School of Washington®. This allows her to pursue her true passion: helping clients create a world in which professional relationships are not only desirable and profitable, but respectful and kind.

Prior to starting Rispetto Consulting, Viviane was the Vice President of Operations at Security Management International (SMI), an intelligence advisory services consultancy.  Her specialty is educating businesspeople, military personnel, nonprofit staff and other individuals on how to communicate, dress and successfully navigate domestic and international environments.

Viviane is a native of Brazil who relocated to the United States in 2009. She has traveled to multiple countries representing the various organizations she served. Viviane has experienced, first-hand, the challenges of operating in diverse settings and adjusting to foreign cultures.

Viviane Vicente Bencie

Viviane has held positions in multinational companies such as Director of International Security at ESPN and Senior Manager of Security for South America at Motorola. Her penchant for human behavior and all things international; however, became evident during her career in public service. Viviane served in the São Paulo State Civil Police in Brazil for eight years. Here, she conducted criminal investigations at several units, including the Tourist Assistance Division and its Dignitary Protection Unit, assigned to support the local diplomatic community.

Viviane possesses a Law degree and an MBA. She earned her Master of Laws degree (LL.M.) in National Security and U.S. Foreign Relations Law from The George Washington University Law School. She earned a Certificate degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from Georgetown University. In addition to her native language of Portuguese, she speaks English, Italian and Spanish.


On March 5, 2018, Viviane will be speaking at Chicago Business Travel Association’s Q1 meeting. Here, she will address a distinguished audience of travel executives on Travel Etiquette, International Protocol, and the different Communication Styles, Perceptions of Time and Business Etiquette across multiple cultures.

Learn more about Viviane’s upcoming presentation here!

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