Paul Loftus is an outstanding business leader with an excellent track record of success. Previously, as a member of the IBM senior leadership team, Paul had significant and varied direct P&L General Management experience across the breadth of IBM’s businesses. He is known as both a team builder and a team player with a strong work ethic. Paul is also known as a person who delivers on commitments, with high quality, strong customer satisfaction, and a high level of team satisfaction. He was a member of the Chairman’s Technology Team, responsible for reviewing and setting IBM’s future technology agenda.

Paul had worked for IBM since 1978 beginning his career as a microcode programmer on IBM’s 3600/4700 retail banking systems, progressing into various technical and managerial positions in IBM check products, retail banking, teller and ATM products, the last two being Manager of High-Performance Terminals and Manager of Banking Systems software. After a series of corporate staff assignments, Paul became the Systems Manager for high-end operating systems and successfully brought together the VM product line, building a world-class team and a high-quality operating system known as VM/ESA, as the Lab Director of the Endicott, NY Programming Lab. During this time he was externally recognized by the industry and our customers as one of the most progressive leaders in I/T, tackling key issues head on like operating system quality, client-server evolution, and customer collaboration with outstanding business results.

After his early IBM days, starting in 1992 he became Secretary to the IBM Management Committee in IBM’s most challenging year in its 100+ year history. He then went on to hold various business development positions including President, Services Sector Division, General Manager of Multimedia. The key position at the time was the General Manager, Worldwide Banking Solutions.

Starting in 1999 he held the position of General Manager of Strategy and Solutions, then Vice President, Operating Systems, and Poughkeepsie Senior Location Executive, Systems Technology Group where he led a worldwide team of 4,000 technical professionals who design, develop, test, deliver and support IBM’s family of business operating systems software (Zseries, Iseries, AIX, Linux).

In 2004 he progressed to Vice President, IBM Business Process & Integration Architecture – Office of the CIO and then General Manager, Maintenance & Technical Support in 2005. Lastly, he became General Manager, Innovation Offerings in 2011.

Paul has also been on the Board of Directors for Northern Fairfield County, YMCA, a Committee Leader for United Way of Northern Fairfield County, a Board Member of King’s College, a Board Member for Danbury Parochial Schools Athletic Leadership Committee, and a Board Member for Seculert, Inc.

Paul currently works as a Technical Advisor and Investor with AgPro Exchange LLC, Senior Technical Advising Consultant with McKinsey and Company, and as a Senior Technical Advising Consultant with Eleven Canterbury LLC. He also is on the Board of Directors of the Regional Hospice and Home Care Center located in Danbury, Connecticut.

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