GCA Studios presents GCA Host Rob Ramrath, former Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Bose Corporation. In this second episode of a series of one-to-one interviews, Rob is joined by the Founder and CEO of Cazena, Big Data as a Service, Prat Moghe.

Rob and Prat continue the discussion on change and ambiguity; however, this time it is from more of an entrepreneurial view. The two dive deep into how different organizations must adapt to change and how ambiguity presents itself differently.

To watch clips of the full video, see below:

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You can view Rob’s first episode with Jay Leader here.

About Rob Ramrath

Rob Ramrath is a global executive leader with a demonstrated history of value creation for customers and shareholders. He has extensive transformation experience via information technology across diverse business areas including manufacturing, digital, e-commerce, retail, wholesale, customer service and tier-1 automotive supply with 18 years’ experience managing global IT operations for Bose Corporation.

While with Bose, Rob held the role of Vice President, Chief Information Officer before he retired in 2016. Throughout his career, Rob has been recognized for his contribution to higher education institutions. He was honored with being named Businessperson of the Year by Framingham State University in addition to earning the CIMS Achievement Award from the Babson College Center for Information Management Studies.

Rob continues to be an avid volunteer as well, with current ties to the Framingham State University Foundation and CASA New Hampshire (www.casanh.com)

About Prat Moghe

Prat Moghe is a successful big data entrepreneur with more than 18 years of experience inventing next-generation technology products and building strong teams in the technology sector.  Currently, Prat is the Founder & CEO of Cazena, Big Data as a Service.

Previously, as senior vice president of strategy, products and marketing at IBM Netezza, Moghe led a worldwide 400-person team that launched the latest Netezza data warehouse appliance, which became a market leader in price and performance, as well as IBM’s first big data appliance. Following Netezza’s sale to IBM for $1.7 billion in 2010, he drove the company’s growth strategy and was the force behind its thought leadership in appliances and analytics.

Moghe was also recently President of TIE Boston, where he led a group of 150+ successful entrepreneurs to mentor, invest and accelerate Boston-based startups. Moghe has enjoyed success as a serial entrepreneur and strategic leader for various data-intensive analytics products. He was the founder and CEO of Tizor, a Netezza-acquired startup that provided behavioral auditing and analytics for data compliance, and StreamCenter, a startup that pioneered real-time data mining of large-scale Internet congestion data for video delivery. Moghe started his career at Bell Labs, holds several patents and received a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from UCLA.

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