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Spotlights are biographical in nature and shine the light on the remarkable careers and accomplishments of GCA members

Nomi Bergman | President of Bright House Networks

Nomi Bergman currently is a Senior Executive Officer of Advance/Newhouse Companies. She recently served as President of Bright House Networks until its recently completed merger with Charter Communications and Time Warner Cable. Bright House Networks, headquartered in Syracuse, NY, was the sixth-largest owner and operator of cable systems in the United States and the second-largest in Florida. The company had 8,500 employees and served approximately 2.5 million customers.

Susy Korb | Former Chief Marketing Officer at TOMS, Anthropologie, and...

Susy Korb is a brand marketer who infuses business strategy with vision, creativity and innovation. Known as an energetic and enthusiastic leader, she establishes compelling narratives that create lasting emotional bonds. She is results oriented, agile and adept in a wide variety of working environments. Most recently, she was the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at TOMS, an apparel and fashion company. Here, she established a marketing strategy based on shared humanity, empathy and joy to unlock future growth.

Rob DeMartini | President and CEO at New Balance Athletics, Inc

Rob DeMartini is the President and CEO at New Balance Athletics, Inc. He joined the New Balance team in May 2007, bringing with him extensive knowledge and experience from a diverse background in consumer products and business. Drawn to New Balance for its commitment to brand authenticity and responsible leadership, DeMartini achieve his first order of business in 2007 by guiding the company’s leadership team in the development of a responsible growth strategic plan. The plan nurtured and cultivated the unique culture of New Balance while also driving aggressive global growth.

Nick Donofrio | Executive Vice President (Ret.), Innovation and Technology at...

Nick Donofrio is a 44-year IBM veteran who led IBM’s technology and innovation strategies from 1997 until his retirement in October 2008. Nick was also vice chairman of the IBM International Foundation and chairman of the Board of Governors for the IBM Academy of Technology. Nick's most recent responsibilities included IBM Research, Governmental Programs, Technical Support & Quality, Corporate Community Relations, as well as Environmental Health & Product Safety.

Kathleen DuBois | Managing Director at Progressity, Inc.

Kathleen DuBois is an accomplished and innovative leader in marketing, fundraising and strategic planning specializing in transformational growth for nonprofits, academic and healthcare institutions and entrepreneur-owned corporations. She has an expertise in leading large-scale marketing and fundraising campaigns. She's captured regional and national awards for creative design, digital media, and constituent engagement. She's also served on Capital Campaign projects up to the $250M level.

Nick Donofrio: The Formative Years

Nick Donofrio, had recently retired from IBM after a 44-year career. He was an EVP who led IBM’s technology and innovation strategies from 1997 until his retirement in October 2008. His most recent responsibilities included IBM Research, Governmental Programs, Technical Support & Quality, Corporate Community Relations, as well as Environmental Health & Product Safety. Also reporting to Mr. Donofrio were the senior executives responsible for IBM's enterprise on demand transformation.

Nick Donofrio: The IBM Years

Part II of Nick’s story focuses on his 44 years at IBM, and the evolution of his career. During his tenure he worked for seven of IBM’s eight CEOs. In 1967 when Nick joined IBM, Thomas Watson Jr. was the CEO of IBM. The following represents one of our numerous discussions with Nick. In Part II we examine Nick’s distinguished career with IBM, the company he loves more than any other. We pick up where we left off in Part I, and now it is the early ’70s. Having moved his family to Burlington, Vermont, Nick finds that the business of technology is changing very quickly. We start by inquiring what it was like at IBM during his early years:

Robin Bienfait | Global Telecommunications Leader | Chief Executive Officer at...

Robin Bienfait is a global senior executive and board member with 30 years of leadership experience in enterprise technology, mobility and security. She leveraged her C-level success driving transformation for AT&T, Blackberry and Samsung. Robin is presently the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Emnovate, an executive advisory firm that delivers enterprise-class services to any company wanting to grow their existing business or build a new business model. She is also the Chairman of Global Aviation and a Partner with Valor Ventures.

Jill Schwieters | Founder and President at Cielo Healthcare

Jill Schwieters is an entrepreneur, strategic executive and inspiring leader serving in provider healthcare for over 25 years. She is recognized as a leading executive in global healthcare services where her passion, expertise and personal drive have fueled her success. Her experience includes building strong teams, scaling an organization and developing a business model which provides value for clients and profitability for shareholders.

Çağlayan Arkan | General Manager, Worldwide Manufacturing & Resources at Microsoft

Çağlayan Arkan joined Microsoft in 2003 and is currently responsible for leading the development and execution of Microsoft’s global manufacturing and resources strategy, including the prioritization of industry solutions and their alignment to Microsoft’s worldwide partner ecosystem and its digital platform.




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