Waseem Naqvi is a skilled aerospace executive, board director, program director, and capture manager with experience in the aerospace, defense, space, unmanned (Robotics), transportation, and commercial industries. He is one of the world’s leading visionaries in the arena of Autonomous Vehicle Systems.

Waseem has been a director at AUVSI (Autonomous Vehicle Systems) New England since 2013. AUVSI serves as a focal point for unmanned and robotic systems in the New England Region. From 2015-2017, Waseem served as the President of AUVSI New England. During his time as President, they won the AUVSI chapter of the year and became known as an advocate for the industry at the state government level. Additionally, from May 2016 to May 2017 he served on AUVSI’s board of directors, in which he oversaw all 36 chapter presidents.

Aside from Waseem’s cutting-edge work at AUVSI, he has been serving as a director at NUAIR (Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research Alliance) since December of 2013. Since 2019, Waseem has been a Global Business Leader Fellow at the International Executive Resources Group (IERG) in Boston Massachusetts. Furthermore, Waseem is now the Director of Advanced Programs and Technology at Raytheon.

Waseem and AUVSI have a day on Capitol Hill each year. Every day, members of Congress work on legislation that can either boost or hinder the advancement and deployment of unmanned and autonomous systems. The annual AUVSI Hill Day is an opportunity for the entire industry to come together and declare, with one unified voice, how unmanned technology is making a positive impact on local communities and economies across the country.

Naqvi holds BSc in Computing Science from the University of Greenwich in London

Waseem Naqvi Opening Remarks Robotica UAS Summit 2021

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