Ilieva Ageenko | Managing Director at Grant Thornton LLP

Ilieva Ageenko brings a wealth of knowledge and executive experience in risk management and quantitative analytics, leading quantitative technology operations and managing advanced modeling capabilities to evaluate and adjust risk appetite for global financial institutions. She is a strategic thinker, author, and innovator with 25 years of experience across research, academia, and Fortune 100 financial services. Ilieva has expertise in Fintech driving the evaluation and commercialization of emerging technologies. She is actively engaged in mentoring women.

Ed Sim: Founding Partner of Boldstart Ventures

Ed Sim is the founder of boldstart ventures, an enterprise seed fund which has invested in over 50 startups in security, data, and SaaS. He loves to work with engineering driven founders with a laser sharp focus on product.

MIT Sloan Boston Alumni Association

New Service for Senior Executive Alumni Interested in Board Directorships & Senior Operating Roles This service to help our most senior alumni connect with opportunities...

Ana Dutra | President and CEO at The Executives’ Club of...

Ana Dutra is the President and CEO of The Executives’ Club of Chicago, a world-class senior executives organization focused on the development, innovation, and connectivity of current and future business and community leaders. She was formerly the CEO of Mandala Global Advisors, a global management consulting company. She has 28 years of experience as a global executive, consultant and business leader in industries such as technology, CPG, food & beverage, retail, apparel, manufacturing and professional services.

Peter Stern | Technology, Media, Telecom Executive

Peter Stern is a Vice President at Apple Inc., working on cloud services (which includes the company's technology subscription offerings).

Marie Wieck | General Manager at IBM Blockchain

Marie Wieck has been with IBM for over 30 years. Marie Wieck has held a variety of technical and executive roles in IBM's hardware, software, and services divisions. She is passionate about innovation from diverse teams and about building new businesses. Marie is currently the General Manager, IBM Blockchain where she is focused on driving open ecosystem growth around the Hyperledger Project, and delivering enterprise blockchain fabric and solutions that transform business processes and transactions.

Colin Parris | Vice President, Software & Analytics Research at GE

Colin Parris is at the forefront of GE’s transformation into the world’s leading Digital Industrial company. He leads a team of software, systems, and analytics experts researching the ways data can impact industry. His role encompasses partnerships with GE’s businesses, partners, and clients.

Kamal Bherwani | Chief Technology Officer of Inversora Agroindustrial Global (IAG,...

Kamal M. Bherwani serves as the Chief Technology Officer of Inversora Agroindustrial Global (IAG, S.L.). As Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Bherwani leads technology strategy, architecture, and operations, both on front-office side and the back-office parts of IAG’s businesses. He also serves as Managing Director of Technology Investments and oversees all phases of investments in technology companies for the Group. Mr. Bherwani’s technology career spans over 25 years where he has served as a Senior Technology Manager of multi-bullion dollar enterprises, both in the public and private sectors, and has served on the Board of several non-profit, technology, and investment organizations.

Nick Donofrio: The IBM Years

Part II of Nick’s story focuses on his 44 years at IBM, and the evolution of his career. During his tenure he worked for seven of IBM’s eight CEOs. In 1967 when Nick joined IBM, Thomas Watson Jr. was the CEO of IBM. The following represents one of our numerous discussions with Nick. In Part II we examine Nick’s distinguished career with IBM, the company he loves more than any other. We pick up where we left off in Part I, and now it is the early ’70s. Having moved his family to Burlington, Vermont, Nick finds that the business of technology is changing very quickly. We start by inquiring what it was like at IBM during his early years:

Nick Donofrio: The Formative Years

Nick Donofrio, had recently retired from IBM after a 44-year career. He was an EVP who led IBM’s technology and innovation strategies from 1997 until his retirement in October 2008. His most recent responsibilities included IBM Research, Governmental Programs, Technical Support & Quality, Corporate Community Relations, as well as Environmental Health & Product Safety. Also reporting to Mr. Donofrio were the senior executives responsible for IBM's enterprise on demand transformation.




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