Ed’s Background

Ed is the founder of boldstart ventures, an enterprise seed fund which has invested in over 50 startups in security, data, and SaaS. He loves to work with engineering driven founders with a laser sharp focus on product.

Over 20 yrs has led many seed and first rounds and helped a number of entrepreneurs successfully scale from seed to market leader including big data pioneer Greenplum (sold to EMC), LivePerson (Nasdaq: LPSN), GoToMeeting (acq. by Citrix), 24/7 Media (public and then sold to WPP Group), Divide (sold to Google), GoInstant (sold to Salesforce.com), Blaze.io (sold to Akamai), Thinknear (sold to Telenav), Rapportive (sold to Linkedin), Gizmo5 (sold to Google), Moreover Technologies (sold to Verisign), and many others.

Ed is currently on the boards of Kustomer, Hypr Biometric, Snyk, BigID, and Manifold. Founded BOLDstart Ventures and co-founded Dawntreader Ventures. Active blogger since 2003 at beyondvc. Ed has a BA in Economics from Harvard.

Boldstart Ventures

We’re thematic investors in enterprise technology based in New York City with over 50 years combined experience seeding and founding startups.

Investment Themes

Googlization of IT

Enterprises demand the benefits of a Google-like infrastructure as their own, ability to rapidly deploy apps at scale, cheaply, easily, & in the cloud.

SaaS 3.0

SaaS 1.0 was built for the desktop; SaaS 2.0 for mobile, SaaS 3.0 adding an intelligent layer driven by AI/ML to existing platforms – we call this Applied AI

Smart Data

Era of Big Data is over, next wave is delivering intelligent and actionable insight driven by core algorithms and enabled by innovations in AI, ML, processing, & storage.

What We Do

Institutional Seed

We prefer to be the first institutional investor and lead or co-lead initial rounds, helping product-driven engineering teams build market-leading technology companies.

Back to Basics

Boldstart is purpose-built to help founders realize product market fit and then raise series A financing; we call it “nail it, then scale it”.

Fund Dynamics

Our initial investment ranges from $500k to $1mm. We are also life-cycle investors and reserve significant capital for follow-on investments in existing portfolio companies.

Modus Operandi

We match our founders’ intensity, passion, and commitment. We move fast when we find a team we like focused on exciting (huge) markets. We value cadence and doing what is agreed upon.

Our support often begins well before a check is written to a team. We play long ball and seek to build multi-company relationships with our founders throughout their career.

Face to face is preferred (virtually or in person), our office is always is open and regularly surrounded with entrepreneurs. In fact, several of our companies have started while sitting next to us in our office.

Our mission is to support teams that are building huge companies and our job is to return profit to our LPs and then to seed the next generation of founders, again.

Meet our Portfolio Companies

Meet the Team

We love what we do and have over 50 years of combined venture and company building experience

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