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Through GCA Studios, members of Game Change Agency can become a GCA Host (host a TV Show/Podcast) while other members can appear as Guest Speakers. Becoming a GCA Host is a benefit available exclusively to GCA members. GCA Studios brings together prominent C-suite executives, influencers and thought leaders to discuss varied topics impacting business, politics and culture. Each TV Show/Podcast is an interview in the form of 1-to-1 or panels. Using social media networks, GCA Hosts and Guest Speakers garner audiences worldwide where people can follow their favorite GCA Hosts just as they would their favorite news/podcast personalities.


Dr. Pamela Drew (Boeing/ITT Exelis) sits down with IBM legend Nick Donofrio for an in-depth conversation on cybersecurity oversight in the role of corporate governance and the types of issues a Board of Directors should be focused on prior to an event, the steps and approaches to take during an incident and the ways to ensure the enterprise has a full recovery.

the mind4 series: on getting it: people are the advantage

In this episode, on getting it, people are the competitive advantage, Jane-Scott interviews fellow GCA Game Changer Curt Gray, Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Administration, BAE Systems, Inc. Jane-Scott explores Curt's exceptional career from a serendipitous beginning to becoming one of the true strategic chief human resource officers (part 1), how human capital strategies should be the anchor and driver of corporate strategy (part 2), how to implement predictive analytics (spoiler: "pick one critical skill to start" and adopt a mindset of "what will make your business work") (part 3), adopting an integrated leadership approach to M&A strategies based on lessons learned from 28 acquisitions (part 4), and best practices for anticipating and planning for the impact that a new CEO has on an organization, its strategy and its culture (part 5).

Her Dream is to Become a Software Engineer (VIDEO)

In this episode, Dr. Baro sits down with Amy Feng, a current full-time student at Fordham University majoring in computer science and mathematics. These two women discuss the role workplace diversity plays in the decision to join a company, what creates the best internship experience and what are some of Amy's concerns as a potential employee entering the workforce.

The Art of Communicating, Especially Between Genders (VIDEO)

Dr. Ginny A. Baro, the Founder and CEO of Fearless Women @Work, is joined by Emmy award winning news anchor and media/presentation coach Jane Hanson. In this latest episode, Dr. Baro and Jane have a courageous conversation about a very timely topic, The Art of Communicating.

Rob Ramrath Former CIO of Bose Interviews Jay Leader on Managing...

GCA Studios presents GCA Host Rob Ramrath, former Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Bose Corporation. In episode 1 of a series of one-to-one interviews, Rob discusses the effects of Change and Ambiguity on a company and the role management plays with Jay Leader, a thought leader, strategic thinker, and results-driven IT executive.

Outsmarting Organizational Change, Fears & Myths with Dr. Ginny A. Baro

In her latest episode, Dr. Ginny A. Baro is joined by Kevin Khayat, the Founder and Principal of BroadEye Consulting Ltd. to discuss how their fears and myths around workplace change, and how we can "outsmart change" by upgrading our change mindset, change practices and change outcomes.

How to Succeed On-Screen: Terms, Tips, and Techniques to Know with...

In this first episode of a series of one-to-one interviews, Jocelyn Greenky engages Game Changers and leaders in an insightful conversation with Jane Hanson, an Emmy award-winning television journalist and current media presentation trainer. These two women highlight key terms and vocabulary that anyone interested in a career either in front or behind a camera should know.

the mind4 series: on bringing the future to reality

In this episode, on bringing the future to reality, Jane-Scott interviews fellow GCA Member Phil Fasano, former CIO of Kaiser Permanente and AIG.  Jane-Scott explores the necessity for all C-Suite members and change leaders to have strong understanding and experiences in technology – regardless of their core function (part 1), how technology defines real-time personalized healthcare (part 2), how financial services behemoths adopt and adapt to disruptive technologies (part 3).  She determines the viability of new technologies in a lightning round of Real – Not Real (part 4) and dispels the rumor that entrepreneurship does not exist in corporations (part 5).

the mind4 series: on being a strategic leader deborah lee james

In this episode, on being a strategic leader, Jane-Scott interviews Deborah Lee James, 23rd Secretary of the Air Force. Jane-Scott explores the role of the secretary of the air force (part 1) and the lessons learned from indelible memories and cool experiences (part 3). Jane-Scott and Deborah discuss talent as “the #1 thing” and winning the war for talent (part 2), becoming a strategic leader through zigs and zags (part 4) and finally some words of advice for up and coming leaders (part 5).

Building a Performance Driven Culture in Today’s Demanding Reality (VIDEO)

In this episode, Dr. Ginny A. Baro sits down with Lori Hardwick of Advisor Innovation Labs. Together, they discuss the importance of building a performance driven culture in the workplace within today's demanding reality.




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