Tim SeagerTim Seager has more than 28 years of international leadership experience. He has held President, Regional and country General Manager roles for leading blue-chip organizations such as Procter & Gamble, Scottish & Newcastle, Playtex and L’Oréal. For the past few years, Tim has been a Partner and the Chief Operating Officer for Kinetic Consulting.

Kinetic Consulting is a Strategy and Organizational consulting group with a consistent track record in delivering market place results. The company’s aim is to be their clients’ best employee. Kinetic does this by combining the practical experience of their team with the clients’ knowledge of their own business in 3 key areas: Strategy, Strategy Enabling, and Capability Development. The drive to make an impact is rooted in Kinetics ethos leading to the belief that vision without action is a daydream and action without vision is a nightmare. As a result all of their consultants are senior business leaders, ensuring a real life understanding of the challenges and opportunities that clients face.

As COO, Tim specializes in working with clients to match their needs to the right experienced team member, to develop winning business strategies and plans, brand building and organization change management as well as developing the Kinetic business model.

Throughout his career, Tim has led European, African and Middle Eastern as well as country specific teams in established and emerging categories. He has been involved in multiple M&A projects leading the integration of ‘acquired’ and ‘acquiring’ companies. He has led organization change programs and has a wealth of experience in brand building, having won several marketing industry awards.

Behind Tim’s years of hands-on practical experience, he stands by that what unites a team is its vision to inspire people and companies to leave a positive footprint on the world.

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