Via Forbes (March 12, 2018) – When President Trump signed an Executive Order on March 11, 2018 that set forth a plan to impose prospectively import tariffs on steel of 25% and on aluminum of 10% for countries exporting those products to the U.S., most of us trade negotiation veterans were startled. Literally. You should be too.

We were taken aback for two reasons. First, the legal basis on which the Executive Order appealed is arcane and rarely invoked. Second, the mechanics of how the tariffs would be applied—under a dangled threat, where countries would have to belly up to the table one-by-one and seek exclusions from Mr. Trump until the Executive Order becomes effective on March 23, 2018—are unprecedented, set in motion a dynamic that threatens to unravel the multilaterally agreed rules-based world trading system for which the U.S. has been the primary champion for more than 70 years, and plunges an extraordinarily wide swath of industries lying at the core of world economic growth into uncertainty.

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The Method And The Madness Of Trump’s Tariff Scheme by Game Changer Harry Broadman

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About Harry Broadman

Harry Broadman is an expert practitioner in international finance, investment and trade, business growth, risk-mitigation, innovation strategy, and corporate governance. One of the earliest serial entrepreneurs, he’s re-invented himself more than a handful of times not only in an interdisciplinary fashion, but also across greatly differentiated senior roles in the private sector, interspersed with stints as a high-level policy maker. Broadman has emerged as a genuine thought-leader on the unforeseen dynamics that have changed the underlying structure and character of world markets—long before the term “globalization” was commonplace.

These insights shaped his career focus on structuring cross-border transactions, especially in high-growth emerging markets, the parts of the world toward which Harry has always had a strong predisposition. Illustrative of this, he’s worked on-the-ground with businesses large and small in more than 75 such countries across 5 continents. With an innate sense of how business functions, Harry’s professional journey has been propelled by an intense personal inquisitiveness about the elements that shape how successful firms grow rapidly, excel at remaining more competitive than rivals, reduce exposure to risks, and constantly innovate.

Harry’s accomplishments have been marked by successively creative approaches to identifying and seizing ‘first mover’ market advantage; structuring robust transactions for new product market entry, geographic expansion and agile supply chains; executing novel, multidimensional risk-mitigation strategies; incorporating productivity-enhancing changes in technology into operations; and enterprise restructuring to achieve superior management of net assets to enhance investment returns.

He is a seasoned decision-maker, especially in fast paced, high pressured, risky business and policy environments, and a tactful, creative negotiator of multi-party investment and trade transactions, particularly with foreign enterprises and governments. He has been a driving force advising, helping to create or establishing afresh highly successful enterprises positioned at the leading edge of their markets, and the builder and leader of globally dispersed, large, multi-cultural teams of professionals.

Broadman brings to C-suites and boardrooms a unique combination of fundamentally insightful and pragmatic views about how commercial, financial and policy changes that drive international markets impact workers at the factory floor upwards to the executive management team—and the reverse. He has the rare ability to frame the most salient business issues from a perspective rather than simply a ‘rear-view mirror’ vantage point and do so through a prism that recognizes the ‘non-linearities’ of changes in business environments.

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