GCA Network Member Demographics

GCA members have unique accomplishments making the total GCA network important as a force for global positive change. All members carry a certain reputation with them, and they are some of the most sought after individuals in the world. GCA’s admission process is very selective, ensuring GCA only accepts the best and brightest. Companies and institutions look for GCA Game Changers as Board Directors, Board Advisors, potential employees, consultants and more.

  • Membership to GCA’s network is highly selective and by invitation only.
  • GCA’s members come from the private and public sectors across all industries and functional areas. They are senior-level executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, government and military officials, leaders of academic institutions, foundations and more.
  • GCA members are highly educated. 99% have undergraduate degrees, 67% have at least one Masters Degree, 8% have Doctoral Degrees. 82% of all degrees come from only 40 schools. 16% come from MIT and Harvard.
  • GCA’s members have achieved mastery in their respective fields. They are key decision makers, thought leaders and influencers. They are Game Changers.
  • GCA members are inspired and career focused. They are interested in career advancement, brand enhancement, and purposeful networking for: Board Directorships, Advisory Boards, Media Appearances, Guest Speaking, Networking Events/Parties, Publishing, Investment Opportunities, Consulting Assignments, Full Time Employment and more.

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