Robert Gehorsam is an advisor to early stage companies in digital media, ed-tech, games, Internet of Things and related fields, and consults with clients such as the US Air Force’s eSchool, University of Texas and the MIT Media Lab on learning technology, Science of Learning applications and strategy. He is also a Venture Partner with NYC-based Valence Ventures and serves on the Advisory Board of the George Lucas Educational Foundation’s research division. For over 30 years, he has led organizations that are breaking new ground in games, educational technology, and digital media.

Currently, Robert is helping the NY studio of ustwo expand its business designing and developing impactful digital products with clients and partners in the US. Previously, he served as the Executive Director of Institute of Play, a New York-based non-profit which designs learning experiences rooted in principles of game design, with the goal of making learning irresistible and relevant to the demands of life in the 21st century. He was previously CEO of Image Metrics, a technology company focused on creating compelling interactive experiences through innovations in computer vision and facial analysis. As a Co-founder and President at Forterra Systems, Inc., he oversaw the creation and growth of a pioneering “serious games” massively multiplayer platform that is used by a wide range of learning organizations. Before founding Forterra Systems, he served in senior executive positions at the Viacom/CBS Internet Group and Sony Online Entertainment and led Scholastic’s New Media Group. He has been a pioneer in the development of game-based learning products since 1985 when he founded and led the games and education groups at Prodigy Services Company.

Robert has been a frequent speaker and advisor to government agencies about the impact of games on learning, including the US Navy’s Strategic Studies Group and the Office of the Secretary of Defense. He is a contributing author to The PSI Handbook of Virtual Environments for Training and Education (ed. Schmorrow, Cohn and Nicholson).

Robert graduated from Grinnell College with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Religious Studies. He lives in New York with his wife, and has two grown children.


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