Game Change Agency offers congratulations to GCA Member, Game Changer Michael Radziemski on joining Fortium Partners as a Partner!

About Michael Radziemski

Michael Radziemski is a strategic and operational technology leader in the global financial services industry with a highly successful career working in high profile banking, insurance, and investment management firms. He has been able to bring consistent value to enterprises through his broad technology expertise, by playing a key role in technology strategy and the overall strategic planning process as a business partner to the CEO, and by being a member of the senior management team. Mr. Radziemski has effectively executed on strategy by investing in internal technology structures to enable high growth business models, as well as by prudently scaling back to survive in crises environments. He has gained high-level exposure to the merger and acquisition (M&A) process in his work with Citibank and Bankers Trust and in-depth international market perspective setting up a global technology organization at Citibank.

In his most recent position as Partner and Chief Information Officer at Lord, Abbett & Co., LLC in New York City, Mr. Radziemski joined during a period of rapid expansion, where assets grew from $48 billion to $100 billion in 2005 – all through organic growth. In this role, he led development and implementation of strategic firm-wide governance protocol, replaced virtually every application/infrastructure component in the firm, led reduction of Technology spending by approximately 30% during the recession, chaired the firm’s Business Continuity Planning effort, and led the creation of firm’s information security program.

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About Fortium Partners

Fortium Partners is a technology leadership firm providing world-class leadership to clients focused on finding solutions to complex technology challenges. FORTIUM serves public and private companies across a variety of industries, placing expert project teams and operational leadership resources in technology-related roles. FORTIUM resources have 25 or more years of technology experience, most recently in a senior leadership role.

Headquartered in Dallas, TX, FORTIUM PARTNERS also operates offices in Atlanta; Los Angeles; Orange County; San Francisco; Phoenix; Las Vegas; New York; Washington, D.C.; Philadelphia; Chicago; Detroit; Jacksonville; Amsterdam; and London, U.K.

Quote From Fortium Partners CEO and Chairman Tim McKracken via Fortium Partners

“In the complex world of finance, Michael is one of the few technology leaders willing to boldly step into new roles and overcome never-before-seen challenges. His impeccable ability to develop productive relationships with senior leaders, manage mergers, and even uphold disaster response during true emergencies like Hurricane Sandy demonstrate how he can enable growth and align globally-dispersed teams toward common business goals regardless of the situation,” said Tim McCracken, Fortium Chairman and CEO. “His broad technological expertise will be an asset to clients seeking to transform their infrastructure and remain competitive during a major transition. We couldn’t be more proud to welcome him as a partner.”

Quote From New Fortium Partner and GCA Member Michael Radziemski via Fortium Partners

“I have jumped into a number of situations and somehow created order out of chaos. Finance firms are especially in need of technology guidance these days, with the rise of machine learning, Big Data and cloud computing. These trends can seem vague and esoteric but a good technology leader will define what that means to an organization and figure out how to execute a forward-thinking vision efficiently,” said Radziemski. “The Fortium model is exciting because we don’t carry political attachments or cultural baggage, yet we still have skin in the game because we are all partners with one mission: client success. We are making a difference with so many companies in need.”

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