Don Lopes has over thirty years in the International and Technology field including General Manager level assignments in enterprise sales, business development, consulting, offering and market development, Profit & Loss (P&L) management, and operational management. Mr. Lopes has extensive experience working with CEO and C-level executives on transformation, re-engineering, information technology systems, and processes; enabling their businesses to improve operational results and grow revenue faster than the competition.

Mr. Lopes has a reputation of being able to quickly identify the central issues in complex situations and charting a path forward to address the most difficult business challenges locally and globally. During his career, Mr. Lopes has worked across most industries with deep experience in financial services, communications, and technology sectors. Very early in his career, he learned the fundamental lesson in business today: clients determine the future.

Mr. Lopes spent 33 years with IBM, working with extremely talented and skilled leaders both domestically and globally. He ran the P&L in several of IBM’s largest divisions and operating units including N.E. Europe and North America’s Telecommunications Industry. Currently, Mr. Lopes advises companies which need to accelerate growth and mentoring early stage businesses.

Mr. Lopes earned his B.S. in Materials Science from Florida State University, and he earned his MBA in Business/Managerial Economics from the University of Florida.


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