Game Change Agency is proud to announce Official GCA Game Changer Michele Ashby’s (CEO, ACE LLC) launch of ACE LLC’s “Board Training for Women” Program. To learn more about the program, visit or continue below.

About “Board Training for Women”

This specially designed program features a rigorous curriculum which is customized to provide corporate director training for professional women. Participants will learn the skills to be an effective board member and gain practical tools for landing a seat on a corporate board.  These are paying positions and compensation packages will be discussed in detail. By the end of the program, you will have the tools and insider tips to be prepared to take your place on a board. In an intimate setting, you will learn alongside other women in a collaborative structure.

There will be monthly group sessions in a peer advisory board structure.  The number of participants in each group is limited to maximize individual attention and focus. You will discover how to use your networks and gain insight into choosing the right board opportunities for you. You will understand how to contribute meaningfully as a director and how to incorporate a corporate directorship into your career plan

What you Need to Know

This training will help to raise your profile and create a strategy for you to approach the selection process of getting on a corporate board. We explore the critical issues facing corporate boards now and in the future, including how women on boards play a critical role and what to expect being the first, second or third female to join any particular board.

The most common way people get on boards is because of who they know. A key part of getting on a board is to establish relationships with key executives, directors, recruiters and community leaders as well as honing your communications skills to voice your desire to be on a board.  The number of board seats available at any given time is limited, so it is key to be prepared and willing to raise your hand when one comes along.


About the Trainer

This program was specially designed by Michele Ashby, an active independent board member with over 16 years’ experience on corporate boards herself. Ms. Ashby is a seasoned corporate board member serving on five corporate boards since 2005. Michele’s long career in finance, mining, oil & gas and energy industries, along with her entrepreneurial successes have raised her profile in numerous arenas resulting in board positions. She has created and facilitated hundreds of conferences and meetings globally for over two decades. She is passionate about achieving gender balance in the board room (50/50) and dedicates herself to mentoring and teaching women how to win a board seat and make a difference from the top.

Through her personal business experiences, board positions, CEO roles and consulting, Ms. Ashby creates a dynamic environment for participants to engage in growing personally and professionally. Her experience in training groups of peers has shown how this type of structure leverages the expertise in the room while exhibiting good board practices which benefit the individual as well as the group


Who Should Attend

The ideal candidate is any professional woman who seeks to join a corporate board sometime in her career and is passionate about making a difference, using her voice and collaborating with others at the highest levels. Women with financial literacy, business acumen, perspective and experience, including women business owners and entrepreneurs are included.  This program is also appropriate for members of nonprofit or private boards who wish to serve on corporate boards.

What you Can Expect

Through assessment, analysis, and interaction this training provides deep background and insider knowledge to aid in understanding how to get on and become an effective board member.  Here are some of the things you will learn about during the program:

·         Testing your readiness and building your personal strategy

·         Developing your value proposition to use in your resume

·         Composing your board resume

·         Preparing for the interview process

·         Understanding financial statements and finding red flags

·         Understanding roles and responsibilities of board members

·         Learn the importance of committees on boards and which committees fit you

·         How women are perceived in the board room

·         Working with and evaluating the CEO

·         Communicating effectively with stakeholders, other board members and management

·         Evaluating your target companies

·         Going after your first corporate board seat


How to Apply

To apply to ACE LLC’s “Board Training for Women” program please visit:

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