Çağlayan Arkan joined Microsoft in 2003 and is currently responsible for leading the development and execution of Microsoft’s global manufacturing and resources strategy, including the prioritization of industry solutions and their alignment to Microsoft’s worldwide partner ecosystem and its digital platform.

Çağlayan leads a team of Discrete Manufacturing, Process Manufacturing, Natural Resources, Energy and Utilities experts that cover automotive, high tech and electronics, industrial equipment, aerospace, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, mining and utilities industries around the globe.  The WW M&R team is tasked with maximizing growth, productivity, and market share through the vision-driven leadership of Manufacturing & Resources (M&R) sector strategy.  The team is also chartered with transforming customer engagements globally from licensing and technology to business value and oversee the expansion of customer audiences from predominantly IT to business decision makers and the C-Suite at large enterprise customers. Çağlayan’s team assesses current/projected performance and emerging trends, like Internet of Things or Digital Transformation to define priorities for comprehensive solutions portfolio to maximize impact by scaling solutions within worldwide enterprise sales teams and partner ecosystems and define a strategy to win new customers while growing existing accounts.

Prior to the current role, Çağlayan has been the country manager for Microsoft Turkey between 2003 and 2009.  Before joining Microsoft, Çağlayan worked at Siemens Business Services in several capacities, including country manager and international business development executive between 1997 and 2003, leading growth of Siemens’ outsourcing and value-added IT services business in Turkey and in Europe.

Earlier in his career, Çağlayan has been in various sales, sales leadership and general management roles, including 10 years as an entrepreneur.

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