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the mind4

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the mind4 series:

on getting it: people are the advantage

a mind4 strategy ● leadership ● talent

curt gray

senior vice president, human resources and administration | bae systems

episode one

on getting it: people are the advantage

In this episode, on getting it, people are the competitive advantage, Jane-Scott interviews fellow GCA Game Changer Curt Gray, Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Administration, BAE Systems, Inc. Jane-Scott explores Curt's exceptional career from a serendipitous beginning to becoming one of the true strategic chief human resource officers (part 1), how human capital strategies should be the anchor and driver of corporate strategy (part 2), how to implement predictive analytics (spoiler: "pick one critical skill to start" and adopt a mindset of "what will make your business work") (part 3), adopting an integrated leadership approach to M&A strategies based on lessons learned from 28 acquisitions (part 4), and best practices for anticipating and planning for the impact that a new CEO has on an organization, its strategy and its culture (part 5).

Jane-Scott Cantus. GAME CHANGER.

About GCA Host Jane-Scott Cantus

Jane-Scott Cantus has been advancing the strategic growth of innovation-led corporations for over 25 years. Across multiple industries and through various functions, she works with her clients to identify and leverage key competencies to create and sustain competitive advantages. She advises members of the C-suite on how to optimize performance through decision-making and integrated leadership approaches. She advises Boards of Directors on how to elevate Boards from tactical, compliant to strategic, value-add working in concert with Management.

Throughout her career, Jane-Scott has met senior leaders whose talents and results are worth recognizing, and their methods worth sharing as examples of excellence. Those are the leaders you will meet in her programs: the mind4 series and views from the c-suite (coming soon).

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