Firstly, GCA improves the way organizations network and interact with their constituents (organization to individuals).

Secondly, GCA improves the way constituents of an organization network amongst themselves (peer to peer).

Thirdly, a powerful force multiplier, with GCA, organizations create digital bridges to other organizations and individuals to promote common interests and backgrounds.

The pictogram below illustrates the anticipated worldwide GCA ecosystem at scale, a sophisticated platform connecting key decision makers and influencers at the governance levels worldwide.


150,000 Executives

15,000 are Uber Angel Investors

Executive Search Firms

+200 important Search Firms

PE Firms

200 top tier PE firms

VC Firms

400 top tier VC firms

Executive Clubs &
Membership Organizations

300 top tier organizations


Global 2000 --- Small Companies


200 of the world's leading schools

Family Offices

1,000 Family Offices

with $750 million AUM



GCA helps improve outcomes for recruiting, knowledge exchange, business development, raising capital (investment vehicles), and networking events. We do this via 5 programs.



GCA connects enterprises that have senior-level talent acquisition needs to executives that are interested in securing career advancement opportunities for:

full time & interim employment, board directorships, adv. board appointments, consultants, guest speakers, authors/writers and more.

The Take Away: via GCA Recruiting, you can:

- Hire senior-level talent

- Secure career advancement opportunities



GCA connects executives and enterprises that want to share subject matter expertise. Ideal for knowledge exchange and best practices.

The Take Away: via GCA SME, you can:

- Receive SME

- Share your SME

GCA b2b


GCA’s b2b platform is ideal for business development. The b2b marketplace consists of Global 2000, Fortune 1000, midsize and small companies, Family Offices, Private Equity/VC firms across all industries as well as Universities and the Not For Profit and Public Sectors.

The Take Away: via GCA b2b, you can:

- Buy products, services, and technologies

- Sell products, services, and technologies



GCA Ventures is an exclusive marketplace for raising capital and conducting private equity investments between entrepreneurs, startups, mature companies / Institutions seeking to raise capital from Angel Investors, PE / VC firms, Family Offices and Universities.

The Take Away: via GCA Ventures, you can:

- Raise Capital

- Invest Capital



GCA Events is ideal for business development, personal and professional networking. you can either host events (in-person & webinar) or attend events.

The Take Away: via GCA Events, you can:

- Invite senior-leaders to attend your events

- Attend events hosted by others

- Find event sponsors



The first step is to be nominated by a current member. Every nomination is reviewed by the GCA Admissions Office. Upon approval, the onboarding process for new members is as follows:

1. GCA extends an official invitation

2. GCA provides login access to our online platform

3. GCA curates your profile page for you

4. GCA requests to have an introductory phone call

5. GCA requests to have a kick-off call to capture your interests to participate in GCA's programs

After the 2nd phone call, your on-boarding process is complete. Now you are ready to tap into GCA's highly curated community of game changers and start networking.

We are always here for follow-up phone calls, face to face meetings or just getting together.



Time commitment and engagement is flexible, and there are never any costs to GCA members. Our only ask is that current members invite new members.



We follow the axiom, birds of a feather fly together. When more people join GCA, it creates more opportunities for all— a rising tide lifts all boats.




Often, prospective members inquire how we compare to LinkedIn—what makes GCA different? While we are both online professional networks, GCA’s most important differentiators include:

- GCA’s curated network is comprised of only decision makers and influencers

- GCA’s network creates specific personal and professional outcomes via GCA’s 5 Programs



GCA membership is by invitation. To be considered for membership, a current member must nominate you. Every nomination is then pre-vetted and approved by the GCA Admissions Office. We follow the axiom “birds of a feather fly together”.

All GCA members carry a certain reputation with them and are some of the most sought-after individuals in the world. They have unique accomplishments making the total GCA network an important force for global positive change.

All GCA members are outstanding individuals who possess the expertise needed to drive business model transformation and innovation. Companies and institutions look for GCA Game Changers as board directors, board advisors, SME’s, potential employees, consultants and more.

All GCA members have achieved mastery in their respective fields and typically have reached the Vice President level or above (or a corresponding level of seniority in the public sector). They are decision makers, they are influencers, they are recognized as Game Changers by industry experts.

The GCA network is a microcosm of the global economy. Members come from the private and public sectors across all industries and functional areas. Membership is composed of senior-level executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs, government and military officials, leaders of universities, thought leaders and influencers.

GCA members are nominated to and accepted by the GCA Admissions Office without regard to gender, race, religion or age.

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