Game Change Agency (GCA) is an exclusive network for preeminent decision makers, influencers, and thought leaders. Our members are the C-suite executives, board members and advisors to the most successful organizations in the world. They are all recognized as Game Changers by industry experts. They come from the private and public sectors across all industries and functional areas worldwide. The common thread, GCA Game Changers are innovators of technology, business processes, new business models, management systems, new products and new services.

Ideal for Talent Acquisition and Succession Planning

Some of the world's most iconic companies, large and small, use GCA to fill their senior-level human capital needs and succession planning for:

Full Time Employment

Interim Employment


Board Directors

Advisory Board Members

Advisory Team Members


Guest Speakers

Event Guests

How it Works - it's as easy as 1, 2, 3

GCA connects senior-leaders seeking to fill human capital needs (acquire talent) to senior-leaders

seeking to secure career advancement opportunities


describe the role


find talent


pay when you hire

There Are Four Ways to Find Talent

Harness the power of GCA's network effect!


GCA member apply to become candidates


GCA members recommend other senior-leaders as candidates


You invite senior-leaders to become candidates for your roles


GCA's talent acquisition specialists present qualified candidates

(ideal for companies accustomed to working with traditional executive search firms wanting a high touch treatment)

GCA’s Fast, Friendly & Economical

Business Model is Disrupting the Status Quo

GCA takes full advantage of the new business models that digital/social networking technology now enables, and does so in a way that better serves both the companies seeking senior level talent and the talent seeking meaningful opportunities. GCA is friendly to both candidates and enterprises. GCA is where innovation, vision and the power of emerging technologies come together to change traditional executive recruiting.

Cost Competitive

70% cost savings vs. retained search


Gain access to exceptional candidates in hours/days vs. weeks/months

Transparent & Friendly

Gain unparalleled visibility into the entire talent acquisition and succession planning process


Start, stop, and restart the search process according to your timetables and succession planning needs

Talent Management

Ideal for succession planning

Less Restrictive

No retained search contracts and no binding commitments or hiring obligations

GCA's Cost Competitive Economics

Have your Company Utilize GCA's Network of Senior-Leaders

70% less expensive than executive search firms

Companies only pay when they hire GCA talent

Changing the World Together!

Executives linked to GCA move faster and smarter. When leaders connect, new ideas are born,

solutions emerge, and the world changes!

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