GCA is an exclusive network comprised of preeminent decision makers, influencers and thought leaders. Our members are the C-suite executives, board members and advisors to the most successful organizations in the world. They are all recognized as Game Changers by industry experts and come from the private and public sectors across all industries and functional areas worldwide.

Their respective organizations come from the Global 2000, Fortune 1000, midsize and small companies, Private Equity/VC firms across all industries and the Not for Profit and Public Sectors. Partnership is by invitation, with new partners nominated by current members.

GCA's Premium Partnership Program

GCA's Premium Partnership Program, designed for companies and universities of all sizes, enables partners to develop synergies with GCA members and their respective organizations at the governance levels worldwide. Organizations and universities advance a wide range of strategic initiatives by participating in the following Partner Programs:


Connect With Decision Makers

GCA bridges the best of the high-touch traditions you have come to expect from the old-world with the connectivity and reach you gain from social networks of the new era.


The ability to enhance and nurture your most influential current and former employee/alumni relationships is critical. GCA offers individuals an immersive and holistic experience designed to engender career management, brand enhancement and purposeful networking. You can learn more about the benefits of membership for your most distinguished talent by visiting our “About” page above.


The power of the GCA network emanates from the broad cross-section of key decision makers and influencers from all industries and functional areas worldwide. Organizations, large and small, use GCA to fill their most senior-level human capital needs and is ideal for succession planning. Talent acquisition and succession planning includes Board Directorships, Advisory Board Members, Full Time & Interim Employees, SME’s, Consultants, Guest Speakers, Authors/Writers and more.

GCA b2b

GCA’s b2b program is ideal for lead generation and securing new business opportunities. It enables Premium Partners to develop synergies with GCA members and their respective organizations at the governance levels worldwide.


At our core, GCA is a network of highly accomplished individuals. GCA members are interested in identifying investment opportunities (for their individual portfolios or on behalf of their investment institutions). Also, the GCA network is comprised of individuals with extended track records of success seeking to raise capital for their startup, venture fund or organization. Therefore, GCA Ventures functions as a two-way system. Partners and members explore and fund investment opportunities while others raise capital, helping drive advancement and innovation.


GCA Studios is like TED Talks but with continuity centered around each individual Host. GCA members and Premium Partners become Hosts on GCA Studios. Each Host has their own public, web-based tv show/podcast featuring topics, issues, products, services impacting their business, clients, strategic initiatives and more. Hosts invite GCA members, their respective companies and other parties in their network to appear as guest speakers or domain experts. Therefore, GCA Studios functions as a two-way system. Partners and members host their own show while others appear as guest speakers. This brings together prominent decision makers, influencers and thought leaders to discuss game changing topics and initiatives.


Through GCA Events, Premium Partners host in-person networking events to foster business relationships, share best practices and elevate professional growth. They are an excellent way to develop synergies with GCA members and their respective organizations at the governance levels and is ideal for lead generation and business development. GCA Events function as a two-way system. Partners and members host in-person networking events while others attend as their guests. Venues range from small intimate lunch/dinner parties at restaurants or private homes to larger conference-like settings to in-person filmed events with a live audience.


The best way to understand the road ahead is to ask the traveler on their way back! GCA Gandalf is a way for partners and members to share their wisdom, guidance and deep domain expertise. Think of the GCA Gandalf program as a thought leadership exchange: a two-way system ideal for cross pollinating thought leadership and domain expertise between your company’s leaders and the GCA ecosystem.


A benefit to Premium Partners includes public relations to enhance and manage your company’s brand. We offer “Spotlights”, “Announcements” and “Bio Videos”. Spotlights shine the light on your company’s background and strategic initiatives. Announcements showcase new product launches, service offerings, notable partnerships or accomplishments and more. Bio Videos are short, 3-6 minutes in length, and provide a high-level takeaway of your company, your leaders and their important leadership initiatives. Each are professionally curated to showcase partners in the best light possible. Premium Partners obtain innumerable benefits from sharing these PR elements through their social media outlets such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter accounts, company website, and most importantly, throughout the extended GCA ecosystem of decision makers and influencers.


It’s All About 1° of Separation vs. 6°

Only Premium Partners and members gain access to TAP, GCA’s highly curated online networking platform that provides limitless opportunities to network purposefully at the governance levels worldwide. All partner programs come to life inside TAP (we like to say, “The More You TAP, the More Things Happen!”).


Annual Subscription

GCA offers Premium Partners an annual subscription model. Partners may participate in individual programs (a la carte) or participate in all partner programs at a bundled price to unlock the full power of the GCA network and their partnership offerings. Upon request, we will provide our pricing table for your review.


GCA helps executives move faster and smarter. When leaders connect, new ideas are born, solutions emerge and the world changes

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