GCA Member Lonne Jaffe joined the board of LeanKit, a visual project delivery tool company that enables teams of all types and across all levels of the organization to apply Lean management principles to their work. Lonne is also on the boards of Syncsort and Answers Holdings.

About Lonne Jaffe

Lonne had been CEO of Syncsort for over 2.5 years, during which time he and the hundreds of Syncsort employees worldwide were focused on accelerating the business both organically and through acquisition, with a particular focus on fast-growing Big Data platforms such as Apache Hadoop and Splunk. Syncsort was acquired by Clearlake Capital Group in October 2015.

Previously, Lonne was the Senior Vice President for corporate strategy at CA Technologies, responsible for the development and execution of the company’s long-term technical and acquisition-related strategic initiatives.

Before joining CA, Lonne was a Vice President at IBM, where he led a variety of sizable software acquisitions as well as technology growth strategy for two multi-billion dollar software divisions.

Prior to this, he led IBM’s software businesses for the healthcare, life sciences, government, and education industries, including technical strategy, software product research and development, acquisition planning, and new business development.

Lonne holds undergraduate and advanced degrees from Harvard University.

He is now Managing Director at Insight Venture Partners, a leading global private equity and venture capital firm founded in 1995. For more on this announcement click here

To learn more about Lonne visit here.

About LeanKit

LeanKit supports the implementation of Lean principles, practices, and work methodologies across all business functions, to help organizations create an environment of continuous improvement and innovation to deliver customer value, faster. By visualizing your work as it flows through your process, LeanKit provides a big-picture understanding of the work that helps teams work together more effectively.

LeanKit provides a go-to place that helps teams stay connected and informed, regardless of whether you’re in the same room or geographically distributed. Reduce the risk of misunderstandings, oversights, and handoff delays with built-in collaboration features that make it easy to ask questions and share status updates. Many teams also display their LeanKit boards on a touchscreen monitor to collaborate on work planning and execution.

Dedicated to busting the myth that people are the reason projects fail, their founders created visual management and forecasting software designed to optimize individual and team effectiveness. Using a humanistic, rather than mechanistic, approach to productivity, LeanKit wants to help pave the way for the future of work by creating a visual tool that reinvents the way teams get stuff done.

For more about LeanKit visit their Website.


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