Margaret Loebl is a financial expert, thought leader and collaborative strategic thinker who is uniquely positioned to help companies traverse the changing global landscape and new economic realities. With six years of public company CFO experience in complex, global environments, she has worked closely with Boards on acquisitions and liquidity, strategic financial decisions, the controls infrastructure and risk management. The companies, Agrofresh Solutions, Quaker Chemical and TechTeam, were confronting transformational events within the company or disruptions in economic markets such as the 2008 financial crisis and increasing shareholder activism.

Earlier in her career, Ms. Loebl rose to officer positions in finance with Arch Daniels Midland (ADM), Nike and General Motors. She has extensive Board experience, serving on the Board of Directors of Hickory Point Bank, a subsidiary of ADM. She recently joined the Marquette University College of Business Administration Leadership Council and was previously a member of the President’s Council of Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering that sets strategies for educating the next generation of technology innovators.

In 2012, Ms. Loebl was included in “The Female FTSE Report 2012, 100 Women to Watch” as candidates for Board of Directors positions issued by the Cranfield University School of Management in the UK. She earned her MBA from the University of Chicago and her Bachelor’s degree from Wellesley College. She currently serves on the Wellesley College Business Leadership Council.

Most recently, Ms. Loebl chaired a panel discussion on “Crisis Management: How Do Board Members Deal with It?” during The Forum 2017 Leadership Symposium in Philadelphia, Pa. Hosted by The Forum of Executive Women (of which Ms. Loebl is a member), the Panel discussed how board members deal with the challenges created by crisis in both public and non-public board situations.


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